Real Love: Bethany & Matt

Bride and groom kissing in the vineyard

When I first met Beth and Matt, we were working on creating a small wedding ceremony and cocktail hour for them. They were still planning on having the big reception in 2021, but it was important to them to get married in 2020, regardless of restrictions and what COVID might bring. They wanted to celebrate … Continue reading Real Love: Bethany & Matt

Real Love: Nicole & Jordan

Bride & Groom in vineyard

After all the disappointment, frustration and confusion around COVID let's chat about something positive and happy. People still got married in 2020! People will still get married in 2021! Love is not cancelled. Weddings are not over. They just look different. They look like Nicole & Jordan's beautiful Honsberger Estate wedding in September 2020. That … Continue reading Real Love: Nicole & Jordan