4 Risks for Not Tracking Your Budget

Budget. A big scary word that everyone throws around. Everyone wants to know what your wedding budget is. Close friends and family want to know if you are going over your budget. It leads to awkward conversations with just about everyone. Blah. But there are big risks to you and your wedding if you don't … Continue reading 4 Risks for Not Tracking Your Budget

Reflecting on 2016

As this year comes to an end, I am sitting here thinking about how I feel about 2016. There were some ups and some downs, there were tears and there was laughing until I cried. I had amazing and fun clients and I learned some tough lessons. As a family, we grew together and individually. … Continue reading Reflecting on 2016

#ontheroadtofulltime Ecourse Takeaways

Ok everyone. I just spent 4 weeks rethinking my business strategy, branding, client experience and myself as a boss lady with the #ontheroadtofulltime ecourse that Kat from Dear Sweetheart Events offered. All I can say is OMG! I haven’t been this excited about my future with Lasting Events since I basically started it. First, the … Continue reading #ontheroadtofulltime Ecourse Takeaways