Real Love: Emily & Jon

When I first met Emily & Jon at Emily’s parents (new) house, they were so warm and inviting. When they told me they were getting married on site and we should have a look around, I was in love. The property spoke for itself but their simple theme allowed everything to speak for itself, allowing the property and beautiful Niagara River backdrop to take over the top.

With Jon’s aunt owning her own decor and floral shop (in Toronto area), I knew the details were going to be amazing and allowed me to really focus on all the other elements involved with the wedding (being my first Jewish wedding, there was a bit more for me to work with- thankfully, Emily & Jon answered any of my questions). When we finally had things set up (and the bride’s father and I decided the rain was going to hold off because we said so), I looked around and knew there wasn’t a better place for these two to say I do. It was perfect in a way I can’t explain.

Venue: private location | Planner: Lasting Events | Photography: Stephen King PhotographyStephen King Photography| Videography: Natagraphy Wedding Video Services | Officiant: Family’s Rabbi | Beauty: Glow Hair & Beauty| Catering: Niagara Gourmet | Rental Company: Niagara Tents & Events| Decor: GLP Events | Band: Switchbeat | Transportation: DanNel Transportation


6 Things To Do When You Get Engaged

It can be a whirlwind after you get engaged. You and your fiance are full of excitement, love and questions. And then it can get overwhelming. Everyone starts asking questions you might not have answers too, you might not know what to do next (or at all) and happy emotions can take a turn as stress builds (I promise I’m not trying to scare you, I have some help).

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Here are 5 things you should do almost immediately to help you get on track and enjoy the planning process!

  1. Share the exciting news with family and friends! This could be an engagement party (which hello, who doesn’t like to celebrate such great news?!) but it could just be meeting with parents, close friends and family to tell them followed by making phone calls to those extended friends and family members to tell them the great news too.
  2. Draft a guest list. This will help you make all the future decisions. Every vendor will need to know how many guests, it will help you with your budget and it will also help you realize who absolutely needs to be invited and who could be cut from the list. It can grow fast so if you are hoping for intimate, start cutting names.
  3. Create a budget. This is seriously the most important part. If you don’t know how much you have to spend, then things could get way out of hand. Also, your budget and your guest list go hand in hand, so knowing both before you start researching will help you pick the right vendors and put things in perspective.
  4. Choose your wedding party. Big party, small party. Either way, you will need at least two people to sign your marriage license as witnesses. It’s who you want to stand with you and help you through your planning process. Don’t feel like you have to match numbers or can’t mix genders. Pick who is important to each of you.
  5. Set a date. Everyone wants and needs to know this date. LITERALLY EVERYONE. It will be the first question from a vendor, because they may or may not be booked. Everyone you talk to will want to know when the big day will be. Spring, summer, fall, winter. Whatever you can think! (Remember, some vendors offer off-season discounts or rates, so it maybe something to consider if you are on a tight budget.
  6. After all that, start researching venues. The options are endless, and all based on the theme and feel you are going for. Popular locations book year or more in advance. So if that’s what you have your heart set on, it’s time to get calling and booking.

I hope these help you. I would also add to hire your wedding planner (cough cough lol) to help you. In all seriousness, weddings take over 250 hours to plan and having someone to do the research, keep you on track and be there the day of for set up, ensuring everything runs smoothly, can take all the stress out of the planning, allowing you to enjoy the best day ever!


Want to chat with me about how I can help you plan your wedding? Email me, and let’s have coffee!

Photo by Josh Bellingham Photography

Real Love: Elainey & Geoff- September 16, 2017

When I met Elainey & Geoff for the first time, I knew we were going to hit it off. Their relaxed style, unique ideas and fun-loving nature made me instantly know their wedding was going to be so great! As life has it, during the planning process, they moved out East. Neither of them ever lost their cool. They just kept planning like before, integrating so much of their personalities into every aspect of their wedding.

They both worked hard (along with their families) to create the big day. Their unique venue, an air B&B, was the perfect backdrop. Soaked with character, the house itself was a beautiful old farm house (what dreams are made of), with a large yard, perfect for their simply ceremony and tented reception.

Most of the details were created by the bride and groom and their families. From the flowers, to the games, signs, centerpieces and even the ceremony arch was built by the brides father, everyone worked so hard to make this day what it was. And boy, it didn’t disappoint. The pictures, from the ever so talented Lorie Marie Photography, captured everything so effortlessly. Every time I look through them, I swoon over the beauty and they put a smile on my face thinking about how much fun I had at this one!

Venue: private rental location | Planner: Lasting Events | Photography: Lorie Marie Photography | Officiant: Cathy Davis and Company | Beauty: Honor Beauty | Catering: PigOut Roasters | Rental Company: Party ConnectionsParty Connections | Portable Toilettes: Halco Portables

Proposal Planning: Things to help plan the perfect proposal

I was at a networking event earlier this week and I had the pleasure of an amazing conversation with a well known photographer (that my own self doubt made me think they would never give me the time of day because they are soooo successful and I’m just a newbie, working to get myself out there) and they asked me if I do proposal planning because he has had the pleasure of shooting some and that it really might be a market I should consider looking into further. Immediately I was excited. WHY HADN’T I THOUGHT OF THAT? Of course I say on my site that I plan other parties and wedding related events, but I have never talked about proposal planning. DUH!

Proposals are special. Everyone wants to hear about it- how romantic it was, where it was, was it over the top or intimate, who cried- every last detail. Over and over and over again.

There is a lot of pressures on guys (and gals) who are getting ready to pop the question. Social media has shared these over the top videos of people spending a whole year (like this video of this guy flying all over the US to ask people for permission) which now makes every person getting nervous thinking about asking someone to spend the rest of their lives together, think they NEED to impress them to get a yes (I would also like to ask: if they are not impressed and emotional when being asked sitting on the couch in your pjs, then WHY would you want to spend your life having to impress them forever?) I don’t even need to share my not so romantic-despite attempts- engagement story. It’s sad when you compare it to the overly romantic, but at the end of the day it was us in a nutshell. Still us. Still filled with love. Still said yes (never crossed my mind to say no). Any amount of romance wouldn’t have made that feeling any more or less true.

With all that being said, maybe you want to make it something special and just don’t know where to start. Here are a few helpful tips to help you get moving in the right direction. If planning is really not your thing (don’t panic, for like 95% of people it’s not), let’s chat on how I can help you create the perfect proposal.

  1. Pick a location that MEANS something to the two of you. Maybe it’s your favourite restaurant? First place you said “I love you”. First date. Your backyard. On the big screen of a sports arena. Where ever you want that is personal to you two.
  2. Think about some logistics. If you want to involve food, make sure they can’t eat the ring. If you involve a pet, make sure it’s easy to handle. If you want family and friends to be there, you will need to work out those details.
  3. Practice what you are going to say. Don’t wing it. It rarely works out well. You are nervous, filled with a LOT of emotions. You might forget what you want to say or ramble too long. Write it out. Practice it.
  4. Be prepared for somethings to not go as planned. Your partner might have had a really stressful day and is not feeling like putting on fancy clothes. They may be “hangry” and don’t care where you are going, they just want to eat. Whatever, they may protest to your plan and you will  need to roll with it and STAY CALM.
  5. Bring Kleenex. Maybe they are the crying type. Maybe you are. Either way, it’s better to be prepared.

Like I said, these are only a few things to consider. If you want help to plan your perfect proposal, I would love to help you with such a special moment.


Keep Track of All Your Vendors {Free Printables}

If you are planning your own wedding, my hats off to you. You have put in a lot of time and effort to gather the right team for your big day. But do you have all he information in one place?

It can be hard to keep things organized, especially if you don’t have a binder set up. The day of your wedding is BUSY, everyone is everywhere, doing what they need to do. You are getting hair and make-up done, directing your family and wedding party, answering a million questions and worrying about everything. If you are occupied and someone needs to step in to help this printable is for you. (You SHOULD consider a planner for wedding day management– all your hard work planning needs someone to ensure it’s executed the way you intended that isn’t a family member that is equally as busy as you are- trust me I know).

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If you haven’t made it this far in your planning process and you are still in the research mode, use my Vendor Research Sheet to help you compare vendors.

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I hope this helps keep you organized, because, take it from me, organization is key for a smooth wedding day!


If you want to discuss how I can help your wedding day run smoothly, contact me and let’s chat!

The Benefits of an Opposite Sex Bridal Party Member

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Your wedding party should be filled with people you love and who support you. You should never include someone just because you think you have to (future in-law, family member, oldest friend, the list goes on). But when you start to narrow down who you want to include, some of your choices may be of the opposite sex. Many of us have friends of the opposite sex, and that does mean they need to stand on the side of your significant other. Guys can stand on the brides side and girls can stand on the grooms side. (Hello Carrie was the best man for Standford- Thanks Sex and the City for helping break the mold.)

Image result for stanford wedding sex and the city 2

While I find this tradition already rapidly changing, I’m here to tell you it’s OK to do it and it has some pretty amazing benefits. For one, I’m all about breaking traditions and creating a wedding that reflects you. You do you girl (or guy)! It’s your day and your rules.

Here are some of the great benefits I was talking about when your wedding party has an opposite sex member:

A different perspective. Sometimes we ladies can freak out over little things when we are planning our weddings. Sometimes it takes a guy’s perspective (and not your future husbands) to settle you down. This goes the same for the groom. They can sometimes overlook or push off things that need to be dealt with and a ladies voice can help them get the things done they need to do for their big day.

A twist on traditional. I said before this is your day with your rules, so don’t dwell on the tradition that girls stand by the bride and guys by the groom. These party members also get to experience a wedding party differently. How many people can go to both bachelor and bachelorette parties?

Actually people that are most important to you supporting you. You will feel more comfortable with your closest people by your side and won’t look back with regrets. Your wedding party is there to help you plan your wedding and support you any way you need, whether you need to talk out an issue with decor, help stamp invites or just be there. Why wouldn’t you include those you love the most.


Need some more advice or help to plan your wedding? Let’s chat.

Real Love: Lucy & Curtis- September 9, 2016

Some clients stand out, and boy did Lucy & Curtis! They were so sweet and there love was palpable from the second I  met them at our first meeting. Working with them was a dream and their positive approach was contagious. Despite an accident that left Curtis in the hospital for weeks leading up to their wedding day (literally day of their wedding he was still in recovery and had to spend more time in a wheel chair than not), their love for each other and happiness towards their future stayed strong! It was something magical that I couldn’t have been more honoured to witness.

Lucy had thought of every detail when planning and the decor complemented their venue- Konzelmann Winery– creating the perfect rustic and personalized wedding. When I received their pictures from G3 Designs Photography, I was giddy with excitement. I knew Mike was going to deliver- and did he ever!!! Every special detail was captured in the only Mike could- with drama and precision. Looking through them brought back all the feels all over again!


Venue: Konzelmann Winery , Planner: Lasting Events, Photography: G3 Designs Photography, Flowers: Blossoms Flower Shop, Decor (backdrop): Boutique Linen Rentals, Ceremony: Celebrating Life , DJ: Black Creek Music,