Keep Track of All Your Vendors {Free Printables}

If you are planning your own wedding, my hats off to you. You have put in a lot of time and effort to gather the right team for your big day. But do you have all he information in one place?

It can be hard to keep things organized, especially if you don’t have a binder set up. The day of your wedding is BUSY, everyone is everywhere, doing what they need to do. You are getting hair and make-up done, directing your family and wedding party, answering a million questions and worrying about everything. If you are occupied and someone needs to step in to help this printable is for you. (You SHOULD consider a planner for wedding day management– all your hard work planning needs someone to ensure it’s executed the way you intended that isn’t a family member that is equally as busy as you are- trust me I know).

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If you haven’t made it this far in your planning process and you are still in the research mode, use my Vendor Research Sheet to help you compare vendors.

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I hope this helps keep you organized, because, take it from me, organization is key for a smooth wedding day!


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The Benefits of an Opposite Sex Bridal Party Member

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Your wedding party should be filled with people you love and who support you. You should never include someone just because you think you have to (future in-law, family member, oldest friend, the list goes on). But when you start to narrow down who you want to include, some of your choices may be of the opposite sex. Many of us have friends of the opposite sex, and that does mean they need to stand on the side of your significant other. Guys can stand on the brides side and girls can stand on the grooms side. (Hello Carrie was the best man for Standford- Thanks Sex and the City for helping break the mold.)

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While I find this tradition already rapidly changing, I’m here to tell you it’s OK to do it and it has some pretty amazing benefits. For one, I’m all about breaking traditions and creating a wedding that reflects you. You do you girl (or guy)! It’s your day and your rules.

Here are some of the great benefits I was talking about when your wedding party has an opposite sex member:

A different perspective. Sometimes we ladies can freak out over little things when we are planning our weddings. Sometimes it takes a guy’s perspective (and not your future husbands) to settle you down. This goes the same for the groom. They can sometimes overlook or push off things that need to be dealt with and a ladies voice can help them get the things done they need to do for their big day.

A twist on traditional. I said before this is your day with your rules, so don’t dwell on the tradition that girls stand by the bride and guys by the groom. These party members also get to experience a wedding party differently. How many people can go to both bachelor and bachelorette parties?

Actually people that are most important to you supporting you. You will feel more comfortable with your closest people by your side and won’t look back with regrets. Your wedding party is there to help you plan your wedding and support you any way you need, whether you need to talk out an issue with decor, help stamp invites or just be there. Why wouldn’t you include those you love the most.


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Real Love: Lucy & Curtis- September 9, 2016

Some clients stand out, and boy did Lucy & Curtis! They were so sweet and there love was palpable from the second I  met them at our first meeting. Working with them was a dream and their positive approach was contagious. Despite an accident that left Curtis in the hospital for weeks leading up to their wedding day (literally day of their wedding he was still in recovery and had to spend more time in a wheel chair than not), their love for each other and happiness towards their future stayed strong! It was something magical that I couldn’t have been more honoured to witness.

Lucy had thought of every detail when planning and the decor complemented their venue- Konzelmann Winery– creating the perfect rustic and personalized wedding. When I received their pictures from G3 Designs Photography, I was giddy with excitement. I knew Mike was going to deliver- and did he ever!!! Every special detail was captured in the only Mike could- with drama and precision. Looking through them brought back all the feels all over again!


Venue: Konzelmann Winery , Planner: Lasting Events, Photography: G3 Designs Photography, Flowers: Blossoms Flower Shop, Decor (backdrop): Boutique Linen Rentals, Ceremony: Celebrating Life , DJ: Black Creek Music,


Real Love: Shengnan & Nick Said “I Do”!

From the moment I met Shengnan and Nick I knew their day was going to be one for the books. The two of them together are just about the cutest you can imagine and I left every meeting with a huge smile on my face as they kept me laughing throughout the year and a half we worked together.

Shengnan knew exactly what she didn’t want and Nick stayed calm and went along with everything she decided. The Ramada Beacon Harbourside was the perfect backdrop and the incredible team that came to help make this day what it turned out to be was outstanding; from flowers to decor to music to cake, everything fit perfectly. I was so excited and honoured to be a part of their day and we couldn’t have had better weather. Everything ran just as expected and right on time (sometimes early).

When I received the images from their wedding from Josh Bellingham I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. He captured every special moment and just knocked it out of the park.


Venue: Ramada Beacon Harbourside, Planner: Lasting Events, Photography: Josh Bellingham Photography, Flowers: Maple Meadow Farms, Decor: Gala Decor, Ceremony Music: Grace Notes, DJ: Sound of Harmony, Cake: Cake By Cheryl


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Don’t Forget About the Details {Checklist Included}

When planning your wedding sometimes it’s hard to remember all the little things you need to include, especially when you don’t plan events for a living (*clears throat- it IS what I do*). From decor to silverware, permits to sound systems and everything in between, it’s easy to forget something.

This checklist is designed to help you remember everything and ensure you haven’t forgotten and little (or big) detail. And while the last checklist I shared (You can find it here) focused solely on decor, this one covers everything from your marriage license to flowers to cake and everything else to plan the perfect wedding.

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How to Deal with Disagreements With Your Partner While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is stressful and a lot of work (the average wedding takes 250 hours to plan). As a bride maybe you have spent your entire life to this point day dreaming of your wedding, maybe you haven’t. In those daydreams did you factor in budget, your fiance’s ideas or even your mothers? My guess is probably not.

These factors can often lead to some minor and major disagreements when planning your wedding. Here are a few tips to help you work through them without letting them consume you and ruin your experience.

  1. Talk it Out– But most importantly don’t forget to LISTEN too! No one likes to be talked at and feel like they don’t have the ability to share their side of the story. Be considerate of each other.
  2. Pay Attention– Put away your phone, turn off the TV and pay attention to each other. No distractions. They only make the fight escalate and it’s not worth it.
  3. Compromise- This day is about the TWO of you and it should reflect that. I don’t believe in the mentality of “It’s all about the Bride”. The two of you have committed to spending your lives together and your wedding should show that. Keep that in mind if your partner is fighting for something that is important to them.
  4. Take a Breather- If you feel things are getting to heated or the conversation is going in circles, take a break, go for a walk and try again when you are both calmer and had a bit of time to think it through.
  5. Focus on the Important Thing- You are getting married because you love each other and want to spend your lives together. Everything else come second.

I spend some of my time helping clients reach compromises that keep both partners happy and everything running smoothly. These are a few steps you can take before things get out of control!


Things Every Couple NEEDS to Discuss Before Planning Their Wedding

YAY! You’re engaged and are overwhelmed with emotions, excitement and are ready to start planning. Everyone is asking when the big day will be, who is in the wedding party, what your colours are, where you are having it, so on and so forth. But before you start diving into wedding planning, you and your fiance need to sit down and have a real talk to make sure you are both on the same page.

  1. Budget: I know, I know I say this all the time. I must sound like a broken record by now (seriously, I talk about it in this post too), but if you don’t know how much you want to spend, things will get out of hand. Plus, your budget dictates how many guests, venue, decor, vendors, so basically everything. It’s a hard talk, especially when you have to talk with your parents about how much they may be able to contribute, but it has to be done before you do ANYTHING else.
  2. Guest List: Do a rough draft of guest list to get an idea of how many people you are thinking. Times that number by $110 (this is a rough cost per head for reception food/bar ONLY) and does that match or fall within your budget? If not, time to take a harder look at who you plan on inviting. If it does leave it, pat yourself on the back and move on.
  3. Theme/Vision: Talk colours. Look at magazines and Pinterest for trends (like this post on the 2017 trends) and styles you are drawn to. How personal do you want to get? Are you going to go all out on a theme (Say you’re favourite book, Disney, etc)? Or are you into Rustic, vintage or romantic designs? Start your Pinterest Board.
  4. Important Elements: List the most important thing for each of you. Make sure you allocate your budget for those two things (if you both say the same thing- Well holy moly you are off to the races). This  might be photos and DJ. Or Food and Video. Whatever it is, make sure you plan for it and spend the extra you need to get it right.
  5. Traditions: Finally, you need to discuss how traditional are you going for your big day? Are you married in a church? Are you having a first look? Are you getting ready together? Do you want a bouquet toss/garter toss? These are all things that need to be included in your day of timeline and areas where you need to agree with each other.

I hope these points help you start the conversation and make sure your planning is off to the right start.


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