About Me

Your wedding day will sneak up and then fly by you. I never believed this until I planned and had my own wedding. Lasting Events was created to help each couple make this process easier, stress-free and fun.

I am Mallory. Lover of all things pretty, cats and glittery. Honesty is really the best policy (but may have to be careful on what words are used). My family is first and foremost in my life. I love to dance and rarely do anything without dancing to the music that plays around me (or in my head).

I was looking for something more than my regular “day job” in Public Relations that would allow me to still do the biggest job in my life: be a mom. My passion for planning special events in the corporate world and my own wedding are what led me here. I decided that starting Lasting Events was the perfect venture. I love weddings and I love all the that goes into planning a wedding. I want to help every couple with the details and helping taking their vision and making it reality. I am obsessed with organization, day planners and making daily lists. Weddings are hard work, that can take up to 250+ hours to plan, and I seriously love every step of it (I know how silly that sounds).

I am a Certified Wedding Coordinator by The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc.

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