A PSA on Working with Your Vendors During The Reopening Plan

I feel like I write this post after every new reopening plan announcement. Just writing that sentence annoys me for more than one reason. I shouldn’t have to write this post at all. We shouldn’t have multiple attempts to reopening our province, but here we are. I wrote a version of this for the first reopening last summer. I wrote it again for the colour zone reopening and I will write for the steps we will be entering now.

Working with your vendors during Ontario's Reopening Plan by Niagara Wedding Planner Lasting Events

How to work with your vendors during the reopening of Ontario? It’s really easy actually but it feels as some of you may have forgotten your vendors are humans. Humans, who are likely struggling to keep their businesses open and food on the table. Humans, who are stressed about COVID and work and all the things you are too. Humans, who are trying their best to be positive and excited and to keep going. Humans, who want to work with you and for you. Now I’m not saying you are all like that. There are many many MANY clients that get it. Your compassion and understanding literally gets your vendors (me included) through each and every day. Your generosity and support is our life source on the good days and even more so on the bad. You bring smiles to our faces (and likely more energy on your wedding day). A little goes a long way and your vendors thank you.

Now on to how to work with your vendors this round of reopening. First thing’s first. Be patient. While you have been holding your breathe to hear about what the reopening plan looks like for your wedding, so has each and everyone of your vendors. They know what you know. Not all of them can work in each step and they are figuring out what that will look like, focusing on clients with immediate dates first. Also, their work load has likely gone from 0 to 100 over night. They are being inundated with emails, calls, DM’s, text and any other way people can get a hold of them from both current and future clients. Their work days have gone from a few hours to 10 or more hours trying to sort through communications, prep for what weddings they may have coming up, sorting out who is staying in 2021, who has moved to 2022, who has a portion in 2021 and a portion in 2022 and so many other scenarios. (This may not be the case for everyone but it’s an assumption I am making based on my workload and chatting with others in our industry.) I know this, but I am in it. None of us are complaining, but we can only do so much in one day (while many of us being teachers and parents still). Your vendors are excited to get back to work. I promise they will get to you. It may just take an extra day or too. We are all a bit rusty.

Next is be understanding and flexible. Like I mentioned, not all of your vendors can open back up as normal in step 1, despite what you or they want. Please don’t ask them to do things they aren’t allowed to. If they can’t offer you what is fully in your contract, please listen to their suggestions to compensate or adjust. They are trying to give you the best case scenario and they know it sucks. Your vendors feel your pain. Keep an open mind and know so much of what they can do is out of their hands.

Finally be kind. As I said above, kindness goes a long way and your vendors see it. Heck, we need it. Your kindness in these hard and trying times is why we do our jobs. We want you to be happy and have the best wedding day. We, by no means, are trying to do anything other than that. Your support and compassion does not go unnoticed and I’m sure many will go above and beyond for those that stick out.

Again, for those in the back, I’m not accusing or point fingers at any one directly. I’m simply sending out this little reminder that as we move forward, we are all doing our best given. Just be nice to people.

Now let’s get you married and celebrate in 2021!


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Photo credit: Purple Tree Photography

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