The New Reopening Plan And What It Means For Your Wedding

Ok so here we are again. Another new reopening plan in Ontario. Is it a good plan? No. Does it clearly lay out what we can expect for larger gatherings and weddings? Also no. Is it a start? I guess so. I had high hopes for this reopening plan. I expected the vaccine would play a part and things would be clearly laid out. This time around, this plan feels less clear than ones in the past.

If you are planning to get married in 2021, first my hats off to you. You have been through the ups and downs and it sure feels like more downs than ups this year. So here is what I know so far on what we can likely expect for weddings this summer. Please keep in mind, this is my interpretation of the plan to the best of my ability. I could be wrong. It could change at any time.

The three step reopening plan is based first on vaccination rate of the population. We enter the first step when 60% of the population has their first dose of the vaccine. We enter the second step when 70% has their first dose and 20% has their second. We enter the three step when 80% have their first dose and 25% have their second. Each step lasts a minimum of 21 days. So that’s the start.

Where do weddings fall into this? Great question! Here’s is a little layout I created for you to see what weddings in each step are expected to look like. Please note, masks are not going away just yet. When social distancing can’t be ensured, masks are still required. So this could apply to cocktail hour, entering and exiting your venue, walking around the venue when not seated at a table, such as going to the bar or washroom. There has been nothing noted about if all guests are vaccinated at this point either.

COVID19 Reopening Plan 2021- Lasting Events

This is subject to change at any point. If people stop getting vaccinated at the rate we have seen so far, this could take even longer to get to step 3. I also have a lot of questions regarding this plan and very little answers.

At this point, it’s important to start chatting with your vendors, starting with your venue. Know what their plan is moving forward so you can ensure you don’t have any surprises. Check with every single one of your vendors. They are all operating under different restrictions and can work under different steps. Please don’t take your frustrations out on them. They just want to work and are following the rules set out for them. Don’t ask them to break the rules for you. Be decent and understanding. No one is asking you to risk your loosing your job so please don’t expect others to do that for you. We didn’t make the rules, we are just following what’s been laid out for us.

If you have questions about this reopening plan and what you can do for your wedding, let’s chat. I will do my best to help and explain the plan as I understand it.


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