Should you invite your coworkers to your wedding?

Typically every wedding has the co-workers table at it. The place where your work wife or husband sit. Maybe your boss, maybe a few other friendly people you work with. They don’t really blend in with your other friends, but you see them a lot. More than your family it feels like. But has those relationships changed with COVID? With more and more workplaces operating virtually, do you still need to invite your coworkers to your wedding?

During COVID- hard no. Sorry that may have been too blunt. But really. Restrictions limit guest count quite a bit and those invited should be the absolute most important people in your life. Anyone else, coworkers especially, should understand this.

What about as the restrictions lift? Well that really depends on how close you are. If you spend time together outside of work, then yes. They have been integrated into your actual life. If you worked together for years and if they are your work wife/husband, then maybe. But If you started a job virtually, I would say no. It’s unlikely you have made the same connections to your coworkers over Zoom or Teams than you would have in person.

I personally think you leave the coworkers off the guest list. While I have made some amazing friends from work, it took years AND leaving those jobs to find out who were real friends and who were just friends at work. But ultimately the decision is yours to make. If you think they make the cut, then go for it. Just remember, ever guests at your wedding adds to your budget. So if, and only if, your budget can support a few coworkers and that makes you happy, then invite away.


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