Besides pizza, what can I serve for my late night snack?

Raise your hand if you are constantly thinking about your next snack. Just me? I hope not. But when it comes to your wedding, have you thought about what you will serve as your late night snack? I mean pizza is a pretty standard option and I’m not hating it. I mean who doesn’t love some pizza after a few drinks? Really though? But being standard to typical is not your jam. You want your wedding to stand out and changing up something like your late night snack, is sure to get your guests excited.

There are so many amazing options out there. Have a chat with your caterer to see what unique ides they bring to the table. Think about what’s your go to after a night out. What would you want to eat at a wedding that might not always be served? Be sure you can provide allergy and dietary options as well, so to be considerate for those that may not eat the same as you.

So what are great options to serve as your wedding night come to an end? Consider the following options or make up your own.

  1. Something fun that you love- Whether it’s grilled cheese sandwiches, mini subs, sushi, mac and cheese, whatever. Put it in individual servings (COVID friendly) and serve away.
  2. Specialty food bars- These are always a fun option. Think poutine, tacos, mashed potatoes even with all the toppings. People love to personalize their food and what fun at the end of the night.
  3. Fast Food- Now who hasn’t hit up a drive through on their way home? So bring in some fast food such as McDonald’s for your guests to dive into.

Again, these are just a few suggestions and some hits that I have seen over the years. This is the perfect area to personalize to your tastes so just go for it. Chat with your caterer, they too get excited for new ideas and are likely to support or come up with a (safe) way to serve whatever you are thinking of to your guests.


Want to take your personality into more areas of your wedding but don’t know how? Let’s chat about how I can help make your wedding feel like you.

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