How can I make my COVID wedding fun?

So as we sit in another year of COVID and it’s messing up your wedding plans. I get it. We are beyond frustrated. At least I know I am. I am tired of writing blog posts that all start the same way. I’m tired of postponing weddings. I’m tired of having a broken heart of each of my clients that are compromising their wedding visions and plans. But we are here and many of you have decided to screw COVID, you’re getting married in 2021. I freakin’ support you!

So the decision is made, but how do you make your wedding still feel happy and fun with all the rules? How can you have an amazing reception without dancing? Won’t the whole thing just be boring? I don’t think so. Let me explain why.

First, stop seeing dancing as the definition of your wedding day fun. Your wedding is about your ceremony. Surprising I know. All the other parts, are a bonus. Your ceremony should be your focus. So in COVID life, start there. Spend the money of the live musician. Upgrade to better chairs, or better yet, rent couches for your guests to sit on. Have a welcome cocktail station set up for when your guests arrive. Pay for the best damn arch and all the flowers to go with it. Make it special. This is the whole point of your day.

Next comes cocktail hour. Who doesn’t love a cocktail hour? Show me that person, I will show you a liar. Bring in a great bartending service to make awesome cocktails. Have the best snacks around. Have a selfie wall, we all know it’s what guests want. Put out photos from the years you have been together, or photos with your guests. Literally people will love looking at pictures and laughing and sharing stories. Enjoy the time chatting and laughing away. If budget is a thing, strip down the bar to wine and beer. Everyone will be happy. I promise.

Finally, don’t think of your reception as a night club, but rather a really exclusive dinner party. Have wine pairings with each course. Fill the room with candle light and great conversations. I can almost bet that some of your best nights have been sitting around laughing and chatting with your friends. Make that your wedding reception. Bring in lounge areas for later, so you can get cozy chatting away. If you are still not into that, chat with a DJ to have name that tune or a trivia night, where your guests can still stay seated but have ALL the fun. I mean, I’m not going to lie, I have been to some really boring wedding receptions and music trivia would have made a world of difference. Just sayin’.

Now you can call me crazy and say a wedding is not a wedding without dancing. I will say you’re right. That’s what we have all come to believe and what we look forward to, but I challenge you to think about what’s important. It’s your vows, it’s your first kiss, it’s the meal and time with friends and family. Rarely is it the dancing. And if you can’t have your wedding without dancing, then it’s really time to consider postponing to next year. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but it’s the reality we are facing.


Want help making your COVID wedding fun? Let’s chat and plan some fun together.

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