3 Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Everyone is going to tell you how fast your wedding day goes. And it really does. I also know how hard it is to believe that. It’s exciting to think you are going to marry the love of your life and you are going to enjoy your wedding day together. But in reality, you likely will see very little of each other all day and when you do, it’s for your ceremony, where you can’t talk freely or photos where you are posing and smiling. There is little time for the tow of you to be together, chat about how your day is going and to enjoy it.

I really think it’s important to step back and take in your day. One of the only ways to do that together is to actually schedule time for it. I suggest all my clients do these three things on their wedding day.

  1. Do a First Look
    I really can’t stress this one enough. Now I get if you are sticking to tradition, but most couples these days are not. So why not enjoy a quiet moment to take each other in privately? It’s a minute you can show your real emotions with out feeling weird that everyone you know is staring at you. It’s a time to chat about how your day has been so far and how much you are looking forward to what’s coming next. Plus is a great way to get a bunch of photos out of the way so you have more time with guests later.
  2. Schedule Time After Your Ceremony For Just the Two of You
    Originally adopted from Jewish weddings, I love this one. Take 10 minutes immediately following your ceremony to slip away and be together. Slip into a bridal suite or another room and chat about the ceremony, how excited you are and just breathe. The rest of your day can get very hectic and you may feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions. From photos to guests wanting to chat to trying to get a bite of food in you, things can be very busy. This is such a great time to slow down and get prepared for what’s to come next.
  3. Consider Flow For Your Day
    The flow from ceremony to reception time can be very tight. There is a lot that happens: photos, cocktails, first dance, parent dance, dinner courses, cake cutting, etc. Don’t overschedule it. Trying to get your timeline down to the minute will lead to falling behind for sure. Sometimes you can ask guests to sit for dinner and everyone moves quickly, other times it’s like herding cats and it can take way longer than expected. So pace your day so that if something does run a bit behind you don’t have to stress and know that it will be ok. Try to avoid big gaps in times by scheduling things in, for example speeches between courses.

By implementing these three tips, you will find you actually are participating and present in your wedding day. You get time to connect together and not feel overwhelmed or stressed. It will be your favourite memories in the years to come.


Need help scheduling your wedding day? Let’s chat about my wedding day management service and how it will let you enjoy your wedding day without the stress of what’s coming next.

Photo: G3 Designs

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