4 Wedding Planner Myths Debunked

When you ask someone planning a wedding if they have a wedding planner there is a lot of difference responses you hear. For those that don’t, they give you a long list of reasons or myths on why they don’t. “I want to plan my own wedding.” “Wedding planners are WAY too expensive.” “I’m just a real person, I don’t need a wedding planner.” And my favourite, “My best friend just got married, she’s going to help me.” OR “My mom is really good at planning things, so she’s got it.”

4 Wedding Planner Myths Debunked

Every time I hear someone use one of those excuses, a small piece of me dies. Well not literally, but I have to do everything I can not to roll my eyes. I completely understand that some don’t have the budget for any additional expenses, and I support you. But it’s likely the average person getting married just doesn’t fully understand the role of a wedding planner, what they charge and who really needs them.

I’m debunking some of the biggest myths about wedding planners. Maybe this post won’t get you to hire one for a million reasons, but I hope it helps explain what we really do and why we do it.

Myth One: “I want to plan my own wedding.”
AKA: You Have No Say In Planning Your Wedding

FACT: Wedding planners wan you to plan your own wedding too! We are not here to take this role away from you and plan a wedding that has no reflection of you and what you like. We are here to help you source vendors that fit your vision and your budget. Vendors that you will pick. Vendors that work with you to create your wedding. Wedding planners are there to guide you, to help answer the questions and work with the vendors around the logistics of set up, timeline and clean up. You plan your wedding, we do the behind the scenes work, thus freeing up your time and lowering your stress.

Myth Two: “I can’t afford one.”
AKA: Wedding Planners Are Too Expensive

FACT: While hiring a wedding planner may impact your budget up front, you will find that you will save money, stress and time having hired one. When working with a wedding planner from the start, part of their job is to help you find vendors that fit within your budget and your vision. They also have ideas to help cut costs that you may not have thought of, such as repurposing ceremony decor in reception. If planning events and paying attention to the small details is not your thing, then a planner is something you want to consider for peace of mind as well.

Myth Three: “Wedding Planners Are Stuck Up.”
AKA: Wedding Planners Are Not “Real” People

FACT: This one hurts a little. When one thinks about a wedding planner, so many immediately think of Jennifer Lopez in her role in The Wedding Planner. However, that’s not real life. Most wedding planners are down to earth, realistic and a lot of fun (ah hem…. like A LOT of fun…. just sayin’). We cry with you, we laugh with you and we may say all the swears when things get challenging. We are so fully invested in you and your day, that we feel the ups and downs with you. With that being said, there is a wedding planner out there to match your personalities. Personally, if you are not sarcastic and like a lot of dad jokes, I may not be the right fit for you. And that’s ok. Find the wedding planner that fits you, that you feel comfortable with and that you trust.

Myth Four: “Wedding Planners Are Only For Rich People and Celebrities”
AKA: Wedding Planners Are Elitist

FACT: I firmly believe couples on a budget need a wedding planner more than those with big budgets. As mentioned above, wedding planners help manage your budget, connecting you with vendors that you can actually afford. They also offer the hard reality checks that you might need when it comes to expectations and your budget. They put things in perspective and work hard to help ensure your day is what you dreamed it would be. To clarify, I’m not saying couples with big budgets don’t need a planner at all, they still do. There often are a bit more moving parts to a big budget that requires more logistics and time management. Planners do both.

Now, obviously I am biased because well, everyone should have a wedding planner in my opinion. If you are on a budget, consider scaling down the package to wedding day management (day of coordination) or ask for a custom quote that builds up from that. Regardless if budget is an issue or not, look for a planner that you connect with. You need to be open and honest as well as comfortable sharing your thoughts and opinions with your planner. They are out there for you and so excited to meet you.


Ready to add a wedding planner to your vendor team? Let’s chat and see if I’m the perfect fit for you. I would love to hear about your wedding!

Photo: Muir Image Photography

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