Should You Hire A Wedding Planner?

This year more than any other I think couples need a wedding planner. Trying to navigate COVID’s constantly changing restrictions and modifying seating plans, layouts and design plans is really hard. The process can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Should you hire a wedding planner?

If you are experiencing any of the following, it’s probably time to invest in a wedding planner:

  • stressed out to the point of exhaustion
  • have more sleepless nights than restful
  • overwhelmed
  • on the verge of a panic attack at any given moment
  • ready to cry at the drop of a hat when someone mentions your wedding
  • angry at the thought of having to do anything for you wedding

Now some of those are extreme, I know, but you get the point. If you feel even a little like that about your wedding, it’s really time to consider hiring a planner to help you. Most planners offer custom packages that will be created specific to what you need. Even if you only hire a day of coordinator, at least they will help answer your questions on postponing, or modifying your wedding day. Navigating the constantly changing COVID restrictions is hard for the professionals. No one really know what is coming next. If you are struggling with the rules and not sure what to do, then it’s time to get a professional to help you. Taking the stress and pressure off you, even a little bit, will help eliminate feelings of resentment, loss and anger towards your wedding day. Your wedding day, however it will look and whenever it will happen, should still be fun, happy and filled with excitement.

A few things to ask yourself before hiring a wedding planner. There are more for sure, but these should be top of your list in my opinion.

  1. Do your personalities match? Do you feel comfortable with them?
  2. Does the planner get your wedding vision?
  3. What type of package do you need? Complete planning, custom package or wedding day management?
  4. What are their COVID policies?

To be honest, I am obviously biased to the whole needing a wedding planner argument. In reality, aside from my job, I really think, now more than ever a planner is such a great resource to have by your side. To have a professional help answer the hard questions, help sort out logistics and just be there for you is worth every penny of the investment. Trust me, you will be happy you have one when it’s all said and done.


Thinking it’s time for a wedding planner? Check out my services and let’s schedule a call to chat about what is the right one for you! I would love to help you have a stress-free and fun wedding day.

Photo credit: Gemini Photography

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