Benefits of a pop up wedding

2020 was the year of the pop up wedding wasn’t it? It felt like every time you opened Instagram a new venue was hosting a pop up wedding day. I’m not exception. I was fortunate enough to coordinate 2 and they were lovely, exciting and fun.

What’s a pop up wedding you ask? A pop up wedding event, is when a team of wedding vendors come together and run multiple wedding ceremonies in one day. Often, there are limited time slots that couples can use, with minimum guests allowed. Couples, along with their guests, show up at the venue, say their “I do’s”, share a toast, snap some pictures and are on their way. They are quick, easy for the couple and require limited outside planning.

Benefits of a pop up wedding

Here are 3 benefits of getting married at a pop up wedding day. 

1. Everything is done for you. The best part of a pop up is that most things, the major ones anyways, are planned and decided for you. The coordination, photographer, officiant, florals, decor, cake, and more are often included and the couple is given limit or no choices to make. Couples can bring themselves, their guests and marriage license at their time and be done. This is perfect for couples who have no interest in planning and want to keep things simple and easy.

2. They are super intimate. Guest numbers are often very restricted to somewhere between 10 and 25 typically. This makes it easier for the party to enjoy the limited time they have at the venue. Often pop up weddings are in 2 hour timeslots, so the less people, the more relaxed and easy the feel is. It allows everyone to enjoy the ceremony, have time for photos, a toast and maybe a piece of cake. It’s the couple and their closest people and that’s all. It makes the moment feel really special and intentional.

3. They fall in line with COVID restrictions. As long as events can run, a pop up is typically under the minimum required for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Often a pop will allow 10-25 guests total ensuring your numbers fall in line with government restrictions. This also allows for proper social distancing for seating during the ceremony and extra space following for photos and chatting to be done safely.

If you are thinking a pop up wedding is for you, start looking for the venues that are offering them and find the one that fits you best.


Photo credit: Muir Image Photography

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