3 tips to planning your micro-wedding

Here we are again. Talking about downsizing your wedding. Or maybe not. Maybe you are just starting to plan and the thought of a small, intimate wedding is your jam! You! I could hug you! I love a small intimate wedding. I think these are actually the best weddings. They have more laughter. They are warm. They are intentional. They are filled with love. They are happy.

Now I’m not saying big weddings don’t have those things. They do. But a micro-wedding just feels it more. People have been hand selected because they are the most important to you. The style and design has been created to reflect you and the feel you want for your day. You can spend more on decor, food and luxury items because you don’t have 100 guests to pay for. The intention of each part of the day is felt, has reason and makes it magical.

3 tips to planning your micro-wedding

With that, there are a few tips I want to share to help make your micro-wedding the best it can be.

  1. Stick to your final number
    It’s tempting to keep adding guests as the COVID restrictions change or allow for and increase. But, it is usually better to stick to your original plan and numbers. Just because restrictions allow for more, doesn’t mean you should add more guests. Each guest is an increase on your budget, on how to properly space everyone to stay safe and will change the feel of your day. With 25 guests, you are guaranteed to enjoy your day (and night) with all them easily. With 50 it gets harder to spend time equally.
  2. Design intentionally
    With less guests, you have the ability to spend your budget in different ways. Make an experience out of your day. Add lounge furniture to encourage conversations. Design a beautiful dinner table with upgraded flatware and glasses. Think through your event from start to finish and add where you couldn’t afford before. Now, I’m not saying spend $50,000 on your micro-wedding, but you will have the ability to spend a bit more on areas you may not have been able to before to really create the vision you dream of.
  3. Add entertainment
    It’s likely we still won’t have dancing at weddings in 2021, so take your budget for a DJ and spend it on live musicians for your ceremony. Invest in expert bar services for the evening. Make your day special and elegant and still fun.

There is so much more that goes into a micro-wedding than this, let me be clear. However, this is a great starting point.


Need help planning your own intentional micro-wedding? Let’s chat about how I can help.

Photo credit: Loverly Weddings

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