Building your wedding day emergency kit

As a wedding planner, I depend and use my emergency kit so much on a wedding day. I am constantly going into it for a variety of things, such as scissors, tape, pins, pens, bandaids, zipties, hot glue gun, batteries- you name it, it’s probably in my kit and I use it. Knowing that I have my kit with me, and my assistant has her kit with her (and we have the trucks of our car filled with even more, rarer things that we may need).

If you don’t have a wedding coordinator for your wedding, or are super type A and want to have your own as back up, there are a few items that are a must in any emergency kit.

Here are my top ten items that I couldn’t live without in my emergency kit.

  1. Scissors. I use mine all the time.
  2. Band-aids. At least 2 people ask me for a band-aid every wedding. From minor cuts to blisters, I go through these so much.
  3. Safety pins. Things happen, and I am not a seamstress. Pinning dresses, ribbons, table linenes, these guys come in handy.
  4. Hot glue gun. With so many DIY decor items, or items that have been shipped in, sometimes things break. We have glued our share of table numbers, signs, centerpieces, you name it. Wouldn’t go to a wedding without it now.
  5. Batteries. All shapes and sizes. There have been times when a couple forgets to buy batteries for candles and we have to figure it out. Having a pack or two in my kit has saved us a few times.
  6. Multiple lighters. It’s likely one lighter will not light all the candles in a reception room, so I always have 3-5, plus matches just in case.
  7. Kleenex. People cry. People sneeze. I have a small pack on hand just in case.
  8. Extension cord. I try and have an indoor and outdoor extension cord with. We can visualize where we want things, like the DJ booth, to go but the power source may be just a bit too far. I like to carry back up just in case someone else forgets.
  9. Hand sanitizer. With COVID hand sanitizer is everywhere these days. I have always kept a small bottle in my kit just the same.
  10. Tealights. These little candles burn out quickly, so I often keep a few extra packs with me to replenish if need be. Sometimes people aren’t sure who is responsible for the candles, especially if candle holders were rented from a vendor. So just in case there was a misunderstanding, I know we can fill and light without issue.
  11. BONUS ITEM: Sewing kit. I can’t sew to save my life, but I have kit if a dress or suit needs a quick stitch (courtesy of my lovely assistant).

Now, my kit is stuffed with way more that these 10 items that I couldn’t live without on a wedding day, but this is a great start for anyone building their own kit for their wedding day.


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