Vendor Love: Josh Bellingham Photography

When I think of photographers I love to work with, Josh is always on the top of my list. All of my wedding days with Josh are the best. We have so much fun and it’s always so relaxed. Not only is he super talented, but he has energy like no other that keeps everyone smiling all day long. His photos always capture the best moments, all the emotions and exactly what people are feeling during each moment of their day. I have never seen a photo from him I didn’t fall in love with immediately.

When I was thinking who to include in this blog series, I knew I had to ask him. And I was so happy he agreed. Read on to find out what he had to say about photography, weddings, COVID and more.

Josh Bellingham Photography Niagara Wedding Photographer

1. How long have you been in business?
Josh Bellingham Photography is coming into its 6th year as a full time Niagara wedding and elopement photography business. I’ve had so many great experiences and have been so fortunate to work with hundreds of amazing couples from all over the world!

2. What makes you stand out as a photographer?
My style of photography is very natural. I am focused on keeping my clients comfortable and I find this is best achieved by working solo.

I am a sponsored Panasonic Lumix Storyteller and my cameras allow me to keep a low profile so your moments together remain intimate and authentic.

I am also really dedicated to the technical quality of my photos, and I avoid over-stylizing images with filters.

I am also so proud to have received recognition from some of the best professionals in the wedding industry. Having excellent referrals from colleagues and clients is such an honor.

3. What are some of your favourite parts of a wedding to shoot?  
I love to photograph everything! I never stop hitting that shutter button 🙂 But I really love taking photos in the morning while everyone is getting ready. It’s one of the best times of the wedding day to capture lovely candid moments filled with emotion and excitement.

Capturing your friends and family is also really important to me, though I try not to share too many of these images in my portfolio out of respect for guests’ privacy.

4. Given all that has happened this year, how has COVID changed how you shoot weddings (if at all)?
COVID has really changed the Niagara wedding industry for the foreseeable future, and intimate weddings and elopements are becoming the new normal.

Fortunately beautiful photography can be accomplished from a safe social distance.

I have always offered photography for intimate weddings and elopements so in that regard I haven’t really had to change my approach. Couples booking Josh Bellingham Photography can be comfortable knowing I specialize in intimate weddings and elopements in Niagara.

Lasting Events- bride and groom among vineyard- Josh Bellingham Photography

5. What gets you excited when talking with clients?
The reason I got into wedding photography is because I really do love meeting new people and learning about their different traditions and how they are able to incorporate them into their wedding day.

6. What elevates a wedding in your opinion?  
A great wedding is all about amazing experiences and excellent service from wedding vendors who can work together to make your day the best it can be.

Hiring professionals from Niagara who strive to work through any challenges without the couple ever knowing is key.

7. What tips do clients need to know to get amazing wedding photos?
Keep it Supernatural 🙂 Not the sci-fi supernatural, but just be yourself and have fun with your photos. If you’re nervous about looking at the camera just look at your partner, tickle them, tell them a joke, make them smile and laugh, it’s those natural fun moments that bring life to your wedding photos. One helpful tip, enlist someone to come along and help, maybe your maid of honor, best man, groomsmaid, man of honor, or just a friend or family member, to help carry a few things like water (incase it’s a hot day), or spare shoes so you’re comfortable walking around, especially if you’re outdoors or at a winery. A little help always makes things run smoothly.

8. What is something most couples forget to get photos of?
One shot that I always love to get that is sometimes overlooked is a large group picture of everyone in attendance. Usually at the end of the ceremony or on the dance floor are the best times to make this shot unique and special. Another shot that is usually sometimes forgotten, is getting a picture with your pet(s), your furry best friends! It’s so important, especially if they can’t be there at your wedding.

Lasting Events- Wedding party celebrating in courtyard at The Hare Wine Co

9. What is your favourite Niagara venue to work at?
Wow! There’s so many amazing wedding venues in Niagara! How can I just pick one?!?! In Niagara Falls, Niagara Parks offers some of the most beautiful options for wedding ceremonies large and small. But, I would say some of the most fun and exciting weddings I’ve ever shot were on the Niagara Cruises Hornblower boats. I’ve photographed over 2 dozen soaking wet elopements under the roaring Falls, in the daytime and during the night fireworks cruise, and it’s always so fun and unique.

Some of the most beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake wedding venues are the Vintage Hotels: The Pillar and Post, Queen’s Landing, and the Prince of Wales. I also LOVE capturing weddings at Kurtz Orchards and Gracewood Estates, and one of my ultimate unique and favorite venues in NOTL is Konzelmann Estate Winery, with vineyards right on the waterfront! And if you’re a fan of Breweries, Niagara Oast House Brewers weddings are among some of the best intimate weddings I’ve ever had the privilege of capturing.

In Vineland and Beamsville, I always love shooting at Sue Ann Staff Winery, they make it so easy and laid back, and the vineyards are stunning. There’s also Vineland Estate Winery with their gorgeous buildings and AMAZING food! And if you like rustic barn style weddings, Ball’s Falls provides an easy going atmosphere and beautiful backdrops for your photos.  

I could go all day…that’s only the tip of the iceberg for amazing venues in Niagara!

10. What trends do you think are coming up for next year?
Since COVID, one of the hottest new wedding trends has been Pop-up weddings. It’s amazing because you show up with a number of guests and the venue handles everything for you…the cake, the flowers, the wedding officiant and the photographer. I expect the intimate weddings and elopements trend will continue well into 2021.

If you are still looking for a photographer for your wedding, or for anything really, Josh is your guy. You will love every minute with him and love every photo even more.


Need help finding more vendors for your wedding? Let’s chat about how I can help.

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