5 Things To Remember The Morning Of Your Wedding

There is so much going on the week of your wedding that it is easy to forget some pretty important things for the actual morning of your big day. You obviously packed the big things, like your dress and shoes and veil but there are a few things that often get overlooked or forgotten about. Here are a few things to consider to pack and have ready on your wedding day morning.

Breakfast– This seems obvious but with so much happening and with emotions and nerves so high many brides and grooms forget to eat. This always turns out disastrous. Your wedding day is long and if you don’t east and rink water throughout the day, not only will you get hangry, but you could get weak or ill and that won’t make for a memorable happy day.

Bring any items you want photographed– When your photographer starts their day with you, there is often not a lot to photograph right away. Hair and makeup is finishing up and people are getting dressed. This gives them time to grab shots of the other important items of the day they may not get to capture later. Things like your invitation suite, your jewelry, your gift from your soon to be husband. These are often photos clients look back on think are so beautiful. They help remember the little parts of the day so perfectly.

Pack an emergency kit– There are inevitably a few items you may need the morning (or day) of your wedding. While your wedding planner likely has a larger emergency kit, it’s always a good idea to have a small one yourself in case you need something quickly and your planner is off somewhere else. Items to include, a needle and thread, safety pins, ribbon (matches the colour of your dress or bouquet), band-aids, scissors, pain killer of some sort (Advil or Tylenol), clear nail polish. There is no end to the items you can include but these are staples for sure.

Go to the washroom– Seriously, do this before you leave. I always feel like I’m talking to my daughter when I ask a bride if she has. It’s unlikely you will have time again until sometime during cocktail hour depending on how your day is scheduled. So many brides and grooms forget and washroom breaks take a bit longer for a bride so make sure you go before you leave.

Take a minute to yourself– Your day is about to get very hectic and busy. You likely won’t sit or have a minute alone until the next day. So take a minute or two and kick everyone out of the room and just breathe. Relax and bask in the emotions of the day.

Doing these 5 simple things the morning of your wedding will help make sure nothing is forgotten, over-looked and help you relax and enjoy your day.


Want more help on your wedding day so you can relax knowing it’s all being taken care of? Let’s chat about how I can help.

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