Vendor Love: Cathy Davis & Co.

Whenever I get the chance to spend time with Cathy Davis, it’s a great day. Her positive attitude is contagious and she is a delight not only to work with but to know. These qualities make her such an outstanding officiant. Her loving and warm nature makes you feel like you have known her your whole life. That also goes for the rest of her team.

Cathy Davis of Cathy Davis & Co
Photo by Muir Image Photography

I got the chance to ask Cathy some questions about weddings recently and I am couldn’t be happier to share them with you.

1. How long have you been in business? 
I’ve been a funeral celebrant for 16 years and a wedding officiant for 8 years

2. What makes you stand out as an officiant? 
I think bringing in a hospitality background I bring in a very professional concierge mindset and with so many of those years in hospitality around weddings and wedding planning, I bring in a knowledge of everything that goes into planning a wedding. Also working as a funeral celebrant and listening to stories and then relaying those stories on behalf of a family has helped me to weave people’s love stories through their ceremony and hopefully walk away from that wedding sounding like I’ve been their friend for many years. I’m so lucky to have found a group of like-minded people and have passed on those ideals to them all.

3. What are some of your favourite type of ceremonies for weddings to perform?
One of my favourite additions to a ceremony is a ring warming ceremony where everyone attending the ceremony gets to hold the wedding rings in their hands and pass on positive energy and good wishes to the rings before they are exchanged- I’m very sentimental so this is close to my heart- knowing that 20 years from now you will have known that everyone held them in their hands makes it more special.

4. With restrictions lifting in Ontario, what can couples do if they want to celebrate their wedding this year? 
Absolutely go ahead with it!  We can now have larger numbers which is feeling like it’s changing daily!  It may not be the wedding you originally intended or dreamed of but can still be beautiful, next year you can essentially do a vow renewal and have a big reception to celebrate it!

5. What gets you excited when talking with clients?
I love getting to hear how they met and why they fell in love with each other and some very crazy proposal stories!

6. What elevates a wedding in your opinion? 
Meaningful and thoughtful touches to the whole day. 

7. What do clients need to know to plan their ceremony? 
We offer an extensive resource base through our website ‘Uniquely You’ so that every time we do a ceremony it is totally different from the last and also that we pride ourselves on making it personalized and meaningful. Keep in mind you only need yourselves, two witnesses and us! A lot of people forget to book their Officiant until the end when I think the ceremony sets the tone for the whole day and should have some time and effort put into that as well as the colour of the napkins and the esthetic details. 

8. What is something most couples forget for their ceremony?
Luckily it doesn’t happen often but some have forgot to pack in the licence or the rings!

9. What is your favourite Niagara venue to work at? 
OOhh– way too difficult of a decision! There are so many! I love intimate spaces such as 13th Street Winery, Oast Brewery, Konzelmann, Stratus, and Ravine, tent locations such as Kurtz, Chateau des Charmes and Sue Ann Staff and rustic spots like the Old Stone Inn or Stonewall Estates and classic locations like Inn on the Twenty and Vintage Hotels. As I worked at Pillar and Post for 10 years I fall back to that often as a favourite!

10. What trends do you think are coming up for next year? 
I hope that people really just appreciate the ability to have people together and hug people! Outdoor locations will be hot for the forseeable future as an option to lessen crowding in a small space.

If you need an officiant for your wedding, seriously look no further. Cathy and her team are outstanding and regardless of the type of wedding ceremony you are thinking of, they got you!


Need some more guidance with your vendor selections? Let’s chat about how I can help you find the perfect fit.

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