Tips for planning a micro-wedding

So the 2020 wedding season is not exactly the year everyone had planned and if you were planning your wedding this year, I doubt you expected this. At this point, you have likely postponed your wedding to 2021 or beyond. But what if your date was what was important? Are you now disappointed?

Have you thought about a micro-wedding? A little mini wedding with just the closest friends and family. This is usually 10 and under (and what is currently allowed in terms of guest numbers) but you could go higher and still be micro. This allows you to still have a small, intimate wedding ceremony and dinner with the closest people in your life on the date that is important to you. Many clients may still have a larger reception the following year (as to not lose deposits and still celebrate with a larger circle of friends and family). These can be done in your backyard (or a family members one if you don’t have one) or many venues are offering micro-weddings or elopements, especially right now.

If you are considering doing a micro-wedding, here are a few things you can expect.

Intimacy– With such a condensed guest list, a micro-wedding is very intimate. It’s a really pretty dinner party. So think lots of laughs and great conversation all night. There is no dancing (at least not right now in Ontario), so you get to sit back and relax, enjoying everyone’s company.

Quick & Easy– This is relative. Deciding who will be there can be hard, but the actual logistics are much more simple than a large scale wedding, and a lot cheaper. Ceremony can flow right into cocktails and dinner. A little bit of photos with everyone and alone and there you have it. Simple and elegant.

Fun Add On’s– You can get really creative depending on how much you want to spend here. If you want all your guests to watch the ceremony, consider live streaming it so they can still witness it. Instead of a cake, have individual cakes for each guest. Create a vintage lounge area for cocktails and after dinner chatting. Whatever your heart desires (and your budget allows).

With that being said, there are a few things to remember when planning your micro-wedding as well.

Marriage License– You still need to register and get your marriage license before your wedding day. Your officiant will need to complete it for you to be legally married. You may want to do this a bit early, as wait times could be longer than expected or the process may be different due to COVID restrictions. Marriage licenses in Ontario are good for 90 days so plan ahead.

Rings– I’m sure you will still want these when you say “I do”, so be sure you have them ready for your big day. If you have not already bought them, ask your jeweler how long the options will take to come in so you know and can buy accordingly.

Allergies– If you are serving food, you will still need to not any allergies your guest might have so your caterer can adjust if needed.

BONUS TIP– Many places are asking you to give your name and phone number when entering in case of a COVID outbreak they can reach you. I would assume you have the names and numbers for all your guests, but it might be a great idea to put that into a list, include all the vendors (and their staff) as well and if someone happens to get sick, you have a list ready to go to inform everyone. This is an extra precaution but one that doesn’t take long to put together but definitely one that is important.

I hope this helps and if you want help planning a micro-wedding, let’s chat about how I can guide you through it.


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