Vendor Love: VonMar Floral Boutique

I love all the amazing talented vendors Niagara has to offer. Working with each of them is such a pleasure, and VonMar Floral Boutique is no exception. Their eye for design and creativity so refreshing. I always get so excited for design meetings with them and leave even more excited than I started. I trust every wedding day they are going to blow it out of the water.

Von spent some time answering some of my questions about weddings, trends and what they love about working with clients. I’m so excited to introduce you.

1. How long have you been in business? 2 years under VonMar. 20 years of experience in florals.

2. What makes your floral business stand out? Our excellence in customer service and unique style.

3. What are some of your favourite flowers to work with for weddings? Garden roses, ranunculus, spray roses, seasonal flowers like peonies and delphiniums, veronica.

4. What can couples do for flowers if they are having a micro-wedding due to COVID? Pick a date that offers seasonal local flowers that are in bloom and do a small elopement.

5. What gets you excited when talking with clients? Their vision. Seeing unique styles of flowers and location of their ceremony and reception different from the traditional space.

6. What elevates wedding flowers in your opinion?  The ceremony setting. The first thing your guest see are the flowers in the space, whether it be outside or in a church. This sets the tone of your reception as well the brides choice of flowers & her style.

7. What trends do you think need to be put to rest or are overdone?  Mason jars and baby’s breath, loose greenery around candles for tables. Hydrangea flowers being used as a main flower to give show.

8. What floral item do you think most couples forget about? Why? Don’t think they forget..all areas are covered. But if anything, I would say dressing up the cake and receiving area of the guest signing book.

9. What is your favourite Niagara venue to work at? White Oaks Resort & Two Sisters Winery.

10.  What trends do you think are coming up for next year? Pampus grass and dried textures in floral designs.


Need help selecting your vendors for your weddings? Let’s chat about how I can help you.

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