Wedding Details Many Couples Forget When Planning Their Wedding

When it comes to your wedding day, there is so much to think about it’s easy to forget a few things here and there. This post is about the things I often remind clients about as they are often the items people don’t realize they need or simply forget altogether.

There are a million checklists out there for wedding decor- I even shared one here. And while that covers everything and mostly the larger items, here are some of the smaller items that may get overlooked.

Stationery Items– Everyone knows to order Save-The-Date cards and invitation suites but have you remembered all the other stationery items you need for your wedding day itself? Things like place cards, menus, signage for your receiving table, programs, seating charts to name a few. These items not only help keep your look cohesive, they are often vital to keeping the day run smoothly. For example, when guests can’t figure out where to sit, it can cause some chaos, not only for your guests, but for the venue staff.

Linens– Like with stationery, the big items are rarely forgotten, table cloths, napkins, table runners. But it’s the other areas that need a table cloth that often are left out. You will need table cloths for the receiving table, the DJ table, the cake table and the signing table for the ceremony.

Flowers– When talking with your florist, don’t forget to discuss items such as cake flowers or extra stems for your hair. Additionally, pieces for the receiving table, cocktail tables and bar are often missed.

Receiving Table- This one always amuses me. When I asked clients if they have a card box and guest book, many have forgotten to purchase those items. Think about how those will fit into your wedding style and look for items accordingly. Most decor companies will also have plenty of card box options for rent, so be sure to discuss that with them.

Pens– Even if you have remembered all the above, many clients forget to pack a few pens for signing during ceremony and the guest book. As a planner, I always carry extras so that I can put one or two down if missed. If you want a pretty one for signing because of the pictures, then you must remember to get that and pack it with the items needed to put out the morning of your wedding.

Extra items– There are often extra items that are helpful to have on hand. These are often items I carry with me in my emergency kit, but it’s never bad for you to remember to have them as well. Extra candles for reception, bandaids and water. So many couples forget to drink water throughout the day and can risk getting dehydrated and sick and no one wants that.

I hope these little reminders help you prepare a bit more for your wedding and ensure you haven’t forgotten anything before your big day.


Have you remembered everything but now aren’t sure who will set it all up for you? Let’s chat about my wedding day management and how I can help make sure your day runs smoothly from start to finish.

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