Consider these options if you want to have your wedding in 2020.

Now that we are at the point of this COVID-19 pandemic where the government is starting conversations about reopening. It’s so easy right now to jump to conclusions and be overly hopeful regarding your wedding in 2020. I want to take this time to talk out what I really think your steps should be to move forward with your wedding or if you should still consider postponing your wedding until 2021.

To be clear, I’m still nervous. I’m nervous we are going to open too fast and the winter will be even worst. I’m nervous my couples, and all couples, are going to get their hopes up again only to be deflated when they still can’t hold the wedding they have been planning. I’m nervous that we still won’t be able to have any weddings in 2020. I’m nervous because I don’t know here are and can’t plan for it.

Now that marriage licenses are slowly being issued again in some areas you can have your wedding during COVID-19. It might not look like how you imagined and if you are ok with that, then here are a few things you can do to get married in 2020.

Elopement. While we are still under strict rule to be under 5 people, you can elope. the two of you, along with two witnesses (your photographer can be a witness if you want to have one there) and your officiant is all you need. Stay true to your wedding day, and hold a larger reception when life returns to normal.

Cut your guest list. While we still don’t know when we will be able to have social gatherings, depending on when your wedding is scheduled for, you can take a look at your guest list. prioritize it for 20 people, for 50 people, for 75 people, for 100 people and so on. Mail your invites based on your priorities lists and what amount of people are allowed by the government.

If you aren’t happy with either of those options then it’s still time to think about postponing to 2021. Make that decision sooner rather than later, as there is only so many days in the year, and 2021 is booking faster than expected as vendors try to accommodate for those that are postponing.

Now, if you decide or if you are allowed to have the wedding you have been planning, you should also take into consideration these couple of points.

Budget increase for protective items. It’s likely that any wedding during COVID-19 will need to add an increase of protective items such as hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes or face masks. This obviously was not something you would have factored into your budget originally, bu twill need to be added now. Also, look and order as early as possible, seeing as these are hot items that are hard to get a hold of right now.

Not all invited may come. You should understand that even if you can hold your full guest list at your wedding this year, your guests might not attend. They may be uncomfortable out of fear or other health concerns, and decide that this is not a time they are willing to come. Don’t be upset. This is affecting all of differently and their choices to stay safe and healthy are valid and not a reason you should be mad.

This is not what anyone would have thought for the wedding season this year. There is still so much we don’t know and are unsure how to move forward. I am constantly trying to give my clients the best advice I can, but the information is changing quickly and yet still not quickly enough for 2020 to turn around. If you really don’t know what to do, talk with your vendors. They are there to support you the best they can.

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