What A Wedding Planner Really Does For You

I think I write about this at least once a year, but I feel really strongly about it. For the obvious reasons but also because it’s so important when you are not an event planner by trade. There is so much a wedding planner can do for you, besides just setting up your wedding. Behind the scenes, your wedding planner wears so many hats for you so that you don’t have to. My job is to guide you to through the wedding planning process, ensuring nothing is missed, watching your budget and matching you with vendors. Wedding planning can be very overwhelming and having someone on your side to help you through it is more than you thought you ever needed.

Niagara is a big wedding destination location. Many of my couples don’t live in Niagara at all, but are from the GTA, the US or even overseas. With so many people wanting to get married here, it’s always helpful to have a person on site to help with that process. To know that someone can meet face to face with your vendors throughout the wedding planning process, is ensuring that you are being heard and getting what you want.

Your wedding planner can recommend quality vendors that will also take in to account your budget. It’s a sad thing to say, but knowing what vendors to trust can be hard to figure out on your own. There are really shady people out there that pretend to be more qualified than they are or are just out to make money regardless of the impact on customers. Your wedding planner will be able to suggest professionals that won’t overcharge you and will deliver on what you want. They have worked with many of the vendors in there area and know who to trust and who to turn to when they need something done. I know I have a preferred vendor list, a growing list, of incredible people that I know will deliver every single time.

A wedding planner is not only there to makes sure you don’t forget anything but they are also there to help you stay on budget. They are looking at vendors that will fit within your budget and ensure that you are not going into debt over your wedding.

Finally, your wedding planner is there to help through the emotional moments, the stressful times and help add clarity when things can get a bit overwhelming. They are your support system. They are your voice. They will fight for you and stand up for you if needed. They are your eyes and ears with your vendors on the day of your wedding. They are ensuring things are done the way you want. If anything comes up, they are solving the problem without worrying you. This way you know that everything will be taken care of and you get to be present in your wedding day and enjoy it.

This is a short list of what a wedding planner does for you. But trust me, there is so much more. We all just want to help our clients. We find the joy in knowing our clients are enjoying the planning process, when they can enjoy their wedding day stress-free. That’s our goal with every client and there is so many ways we do that.


Looking for a wedding coordinator to help guide you through the wedding planning process? Let’s chat about how I can help.

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