Wedding Day Timelines: Creating your own so your wedding day runs smoothly

When it comes to wedding planning, coming up with your day of timeline can be a bit tricky. But knowing when things are going to happen are such an important part of having a successful wedding day. The second important part of that is to share your timeline with all the people involved- your vendors, MC and wedding party if need be. This will ensure that everyone will know exactly what will happen and no one will be left guessing what happens next.

wedding day timline: creating your own so your wedding day runs smoothly

I’m gong to spend sometime walking you through how I plan a timeline for my clients weddings to help you create a wedding day timeline that makes sense and ensures your day runs as smoothly as possible.

Every timeline I create for clients I start by putting in the ceremony start time. Everything builds off of this time. Your ceremony start time will determine literally everything else. This includes when hair and make up has to start and finish, when your photographer will start their coverage, when dinner will be served and when your speeches will take place.

Next, go through each vendor contract and fill in any details you can based on what is outline in each contract. For example, if your photographer has laid out 10 hours of coverage, count back about 3- 4 hours before your ceremony time (depending on if you are doing a first look and photos before your ceremony or not) and then from that time, put in what time your photographer will be done. Do this for everyone you can. If you don’t know, a simple email or call to your vendor will also help clarify their drop off time or start time.

Once you have done that for all your vendor contracts, you should have a fairly full timeline with major parts filled in, like dinner, hair and make up and flower deliveries. Next you will go in and add things like speeches, dances and other items like garter and bouquet toss or if the bar shuts downs. These will help make sure you aren’t forgetting to schedule anything and that your MC, venue, DJ and photographer all know what will be happening and when so they can set up accordingly.

Finally, I put in notes in every area I can so that the day of, I know any details at a glance. Things, like how many are getting hair and make up, song selections, where photos are taking place. The more information the better so that no one is guessing on the day of.

Click the image below to see the full timeline.

I hope this helps you build your timeline for your wedding day.


Need help building your wedding day timeline and coordinating your day so it runs smoothly? Let’s chat on how I can help.

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