Don’t Be A Bridezilla: How To Plan Your Wedding Without Loosing Your Cool

Every time I tell someone I’m a wedding planner, the first thing out of their mouth is “OOOH it must be hard working with all those bridezillas”. First off, not every bride is a bridezilla (there are groomzilla’s out there too). Secondly, I am thankful that I haven’t worked with that many if any bridezillas. I tend to attract a more relaxed couple that understand that decisions need to be made but things might always have to be adjusted. (I also like to stress that to clients when I meet and work with them so that helps.) Finally, there are ways to plan your wedding without turning into a bridezilla. Very easily too.

Lasting Events- How to plan your wedding without loosing your cool

  1. Hire a Wedding Coordinator- Not to start with a shameless plug, but my job is to help take the stress out of planning so you enjoy it. People tend not to freak out over things when they enjoy the process. While I’m eliminated hours and hours of research and scrolling through options, it’s easier to think about what works and what you like when you are presented with a curate list of vendors that work for you and your budget. Knowing that your wedding day is in the hands of both a professional and someone you trust is also takes away that feeling like you have to watch over every single thing to ensure it’s perfect.
  2. Have The Tough Talks- All wedding planning has to start with some conversations that most people try to avoid. You have to sit down with your partner, your parents and anyone else that might be contributing financially and decided what your budget is. Knowing your budget directly effects the planning process. Not over spending directly effects your stress levels. Now that being said, a $100,000 budget versus a $20,000 budget doesn’t change the fact that you still have the same planning process. You just the the luxury of higher end vendors. NOTE: This does not mean your wedding is better, nicer or classier because you are spending more. Designing your wedding to reflect you, regarding of always picking the most expensive, defines how beautiful your wedding is. 
  3. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff- I know this is harder said than done. Believe my type A personality, that not controlling everything, or if something happens to go wrong, it can feel like a disaster. BUT, having a back up plan, for say weather, eliminates the fear of something going wrong. It’s not ideal, no, but you’re prepared for the worst case scenario. No one remembers the little details of a wedding. You heard it here first. They remember the feel, the food, the party. Sure some will say it was beautiful. The flowers were lovely. The colour choices were nice. The venue was breathtaking. But no one is going to care how the napkin was folded before they put in on their lap. So don’t make that a breaking point. Think big picture and focus on marrying your best friend and your love for each other. That’s really all the matters at the end of the day.

So cool your jets, focus on what’s important and put down Pinterest. Design your day based on who the two of you are. Enjoy the planning process. Hire professionals to ensure quality and execution. Then sit back and love your wedding day with out the dirty label of a bridezilla. It’s easy I promise.


Ready to start planning your wedding to avoid being a bridezilla? Let’s chat about how I can help you enjoy the planning process.

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