3 Tips To Help You Choose Your Wedding Vendors

When your wedding day finally arrives, it’s beautiful. All the hard work and decisions have come together and you couldn’t be happier with the results. But let’s be honest, your day wouldn’t have happened if it was for the all-star team of vendors behind it, working their butts off, to deliver on your vision. And they couldn’t be happier to do it either. But finding and working with vendors can be tricky. Not every florist is a match to you and deciding on the one for you can be stressful. Keep these few tips in mind when meeting and deciding on your vendor and things should go smoothly.

Lasting Events- 3 Tips to Help you Choose Your Wedding Vendors

  1. Trust your gut– I can’t stress this point enough. When meeting with your vendors, trust your instincts. If you just don’t feel good about it, then don’t book them. You will cause more stress and doubt than you need. You want to trust your vendors. If you don’t, it just won’t work. If it seems too good to be true, there is always a possibility it is. There are still scammers out there in this industry that promise the world and don’t deliver. Doing your research will help eliminate this as well.
  2. Stick to your budget– Knowing what your budget is for each vendor when you start to narrow things down will help you weed out those that are too high right off the hop. Next knowing what you want to spend, will help the vendors you meet with give you accurate quotes and accurate information on what they can deliver for that cost. It may be that your budget is unrealistic, but they can then talk to you about how to maximize every dollar to ensure you are spending wisely. Don’t allow anyone to talk you into items or details that is over what you want and need. Yes it could be beautiful, but if you really can’t spend that much, don’t.
  3. Style– Choosing vendors that have the style or look you want is huge. There are a lot of florists out there, and most of them can recreate any style you want for example. But going to a florist who’s preferred style matches yours will bring out the best of them. No one is mad if you don’t book them if you don’t think it’s a match. It’s better to book those that match you and your look, than strive to get what you want out of someone that just isn’t comfortable in that style.

I hope this helps you when you are looking for your vendors. An even better way to ensure you are booking quality vendors is to start with a wedding coordinator (*cough cough*). We really work hard to work with vendors that we trust and provide quality services in all price ranges and styles. Matching clients with vendors is part of our role and one of the best ways to remove the stress from you during the planning process.


Need help planning your wedding and finding your vendors? Let’s chat on how I can help.

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