2 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Wedding Day

You’ve planned your wedding and had your rehearsal and now it’s go time. The day is finally here and you couldn’t be more excited and…..stressed. Stressed that it will all go smoothly, everyone will stay on time and oh did you tell the decor company how to fold the napkins? Was the florist dropping off the flowers to the guys first? It’s already time for photos? How has the morning gone by so fast? And that’s just a few of the questions running through your head.

Lasting Events wedding ceremony in field

WHOA! Your wedding day does not have to be that stressful. You should be sitting back with your peeps, relaxed and enjoying the day you planned. Here are two ways to do just that.

  1. Hire a wedding planner, even it’s only for wedding day management. DUH! Having a professional on site, keeping everyone on time and ensuring all those little details are done is the easiest way to actually enjoying your day. Knowing someone has your back is the biggest relief. Wedding day management is an easier option on the budget for sure, but if planning itself gets too overwhelming look for partial planning options.
  2. Lower your expectations. I know that sounds harsh, but stick with me. Rarely, does a wedding happen without one thing that goes a bit awry. It may be small (in most cases) but it could be huge. Knowing you have to roll with it will take so much stress off you. Will your wedding run 15 minutes late at some point during the day? Probably. Will that make or break the whole day? NOPE! Most people won’t even notice.

At the end of the day, you have married the person you love more than anything. That’s where your focus should be- on the two of you. If you are both happy, then the day was a success.


Need help so you can enjoy your wedding day? Let’s chat on how I can help.

Photo by: Ledwez Photo

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