Why you need a dream team of vendors for your wedding, and why you should pay for it

Planning your wedding is so excited. I still get so excited planning with each client. Picking the venue, the colours, the details and watching it all come together is so amazing and fun! However, it’s in this process when things can get out of hand. Budgets start rising. Unwanted opinions come from every direction. You start trying to please everyone and not necessarily yourself. This is when you lean on your vendors more than you will ever think you will.

wedding ceremony set up

Your vendors play such an important role in your wedding day. Not just because they are bringing your vision and dream to life, but for so many more reasons. It’s hard to swallow the number when you see the quote sometimes, but I’m here to tell you why it’s so important to hire the best you can and why it actually pays off to do it.

First, professionals deliver. They have spent endless time perfecting their craft (and many are always continuing to grow and expand further). They are professional from the get go, providing contracts to reflect back on and keep everything in writing in case of changes. They work efficiently and deliver the best they possibly can. Their livelihood often depends not only on you but the reviews you leave for future clients.

Secondly, their experience has prepared them for anything. And trust me when I say, anything. Weddings rarely run without a hiccup or small adjustment day of for something. Professional vendors know how to roll with it a bit better. They can think on their feet. They come with a backup plan ready to go. They don’t freak out or stress out.

Finally, you can rest easy knowing you have the best team on your wedding day. You can trust they know what they are doing and will execute based on your discussions and contract. You get to rest, relax and enjoy your day. They are calm so you can be calm.

Now I’m not saying take a chance on new-comers. They have to start somewhere too. I did. But trust your instincts. If you don’t think they can pull it off, invest in someone with more experience. When a deal is too good to be true, such as a vendor willing to undercut someone just to land your deal, or they are WAY under everyone else’s quote. It probably isn’t the best option. Just remember, you get what you pay for. And that is as true in the wedding industry as any other.


Want help starting and building your dream team? Let’s chat about how I can help you plan your wedding.

Photo: Josh Bellingham Photography

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