Why Your Ceremony Matters More Than Your Reception

When you first start wedding planning, everything is new and fun and fresh. You are thinking of colours, style, themes, designs, flowers, etc. I have found, that more and more couples, are focusing their planning efforts on the cocktail hour and reception than the ceremony. And to be honest, I totally get it. Your guests always remember the food and the party. And this is super important. Your guests spend more time at your reception than your ceremony. But I’m here to tell you why you should be putting equal, if not more, effort into planning your ceremony.

Why your ceremony matters more than your reception

Your wedding, although it involves the celebration after, first and foremost is your ceremony. Without that portion, you are not married and therefore having a celebration (albeit a very expensive one), just for the fun of it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like a good party like the rest of us, but the special part of the day is the ceremony. It’s the vows, the commitment to each other, the first kiss as a married couple. Regardless of how you do it, religious, humanistic, or something else, this is the wedding. The rest, as I’ve said, is just a party to celebrate that.

Now, I’m not saying to blow your budget out of the water or to spend your whole budget on ceremony and cheap out on the rest. Obviously, most of the budget is still allocated to the reception- dinner, djs or bands, venues, cakes, etc cost money and depending on guest count, a lot of money. However, just be conscious of the ceremony portion and budget for that portion as you would the rest.

There are ways to add to your ceremony that are not very expensive, to elevate it. For example, talk with your florist to utilize the flowers from the ceremony in the reception area on your head table. Arch rentals are not very expensive and the flowers off that often fill the head table perfectly. A live musician for ceremony is also a lovely touch and doesn’t cost as much as a full band, as it’s usually for an hour of service or so.

Those are a few ideas, there are also a lot more you could do. But just remember, the ceremony is the reason you are celebrating, the reason you said yes to spending the rest of your lives together, the reason that makes this day more special than any other.


Let’s chat about how I can help you budget and plan your wedding, paying attention to your ceremony.

Photo: Josh Bellingham Photography

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