3 Things Your Wedding Invitations are Telling Your Guests

Is anyone else as obsessed with stationery as I am? It’s always so pretty and the details always have me swooning. This is no different to a beautifully designed set for a wedding. The impact the stationery has on a wedding is way more than most people think. It helps glue the theme together. It pulls it all together. It makes sure it’s cohesive and clear. Image you are at a wedding where the theme is minimalistic- whites, golds and greens and you have a hot pink invite and the table menu is lilac with silver font. You would be confused. It sends mixed messages. It shows disorder and inconsistent style and planning. I cringed just writing that.

invitation set flat lay

That’s what stationery does, even with it being such a small item. From the RSVP’s to your menu cards, to invites, seating chart and thank you cards, one theme throughout tells your guests so much about your wedding. So let’s talk about that more. Here are the 3 things your invitations are telling your guests before the day of your wedding.

  1. Besides the obvious details your invitations (time, date, location), your invitations set the tone of your wedding to your guests, especially if you haven’t sent out save the dates. If you have sent your Save the Dates out, they should match your invitation set. Consistency is KEY people. They should all be designed by the same person (if available) and all work together.
  2. Your invitations share your wedding style and theme with your guests. If it’s romantic, classic, specialty themed, etc. If you are working on a industrial theme, for example, your invitations should showcase that. Your guests will then have an idea of the colours you are working with and some ideas of what to expect on your day.
  3. Your invitation design and wording will help dictate the dress code expectations to your guests. If your invitations are relaxed and with more informal wording, guests are lead to believe your wedding will reflect that and dress less formal. While on the other side, if you send very formal invites, your guests are likely to dress up a bit more to match the style and tone you have set.

Ever thought so much went into a piece that most guests throw out? But it’s true, every aspect of your wedding should come back to your theme (which is why your inspiration board is so important in the planning process).


Let’s chat about how I can help you design your dream wedding.

Photo: Kurtz Orpia

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