So how much is this going to cost? Wedding budgets broken down

After the thrill of your engagement settles, the next big question every couple should ask is: “So what’s the budget?”. If I can give couples any advice, know what your limit is. Planning a wedding with out budget in mind will get out of hand really quick and trust me, no one should go in debt to have a wedding.

The best way to start your planning and sorting out your budget is to talk about it. Talk with your partner about how much you can actually contribute. Talk with your parents about if they can/are planning on contributing and how much you can expect. This is never an easy conversation. Budget talks, especially with others involved like parents, generally make people feel uncomfortable. Knowing how much you have to work with is so important.

There are obviously a lot that contributes to a wedding budget- guest list, time of year, theme, etc. Knowing how to distribute your budget, will help you make better choices for your vendors and help keep your budget in check.

Once the budget number is settled, use this infographic to tentatively breakdown your numbers so that you can contact the appropriate vendors- those that fit within the limits of their budget line. You don’t want to be reaching out to a florist that requires a minimum spend that is half your budget. You will end up with beautiful flowers but nothing to eat.

wedding planning budget breakdown infographic


Need someone to keep your budget in check? Let’s chat about how I can help you!

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