Wedding websites 101

Wedding websites are such a thing now and I can totally see why. It’s such an easy way to answer the same questions your guests will bombard you with, track your RSVP’s and menu selections as well as any other details regarding hotel blocks, transportation, etc.

Wedding Websites 101 with bride and groom rings

There are so many great free sites that you can use to build an easy wedding website, using beautiful templates. That way, you don’t have to learn how to code and build a website from scratch, but rather pick a theme that goes with your wedding theme and drop in your information. Try these one:

Those are just a few options. Find a site that works best for you and start building.

After figuring out the design of your wedding website, what the heck do you put on it? Well really the sky’s the limit, but I suggest keeping it simple and down to what your guests really need to know. Here is a few suggestions:

  • Your date
  • The venue location and directions
  • Where the hotel block is (or additional places to stay)
  • Who is your wedding party
  • A very basic timeline (think ceremony time, cocktail time, reception start time)
  • RSVP area so you can track without the cost of postage
  • Menu selections

This should help your guests know the details (if and when they loose their wedding invitation) as well as keep them from asking you a million questions.


So you have a wedding website, but not sure about the rest of the planning process? Let’s chat on how I can help you.

Photo: Morning Light Photography

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