3 ways to recycle your wedding items

There is so much that goes into a wedding. All the little details are what personalizes it to make it represent you and your story. But what do you do with everything after the wedding is done?

There are plenty of ways to recycle your wedding items so they don’t end up in the garbage (yuck) and help spread love to others (yay!). Here are a few tips for you to consider.

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Take your use flowers, centerpieces, backdrop flowers, or any others you used and drop them off to a local nursing home(s). Everyone loves receiving flowers, why not put a smile on someones face there? (Please check with the nursing home before you drop off to ensure they accept flowers.)

There is always so much food left over, desserts especially. Talk to your caterer and pack up any food you have left over and drop off to a homeless shelter. They are always needed a bit more and I’m sure a treat would be welcomed. You may want to make some arrangements beforehand to know drop off times and other details before your wedding day.

Sell any additional decor items online for budget brides (and recoup a bit of your own money back). You know, weddings are expensive, and not all brides and grooms can budget for all they imagine. Selling items, will help you get some more money and your pocket and help others to create their wedding dream without going into debt.


Want helping planning your wedding and recycling items after? Let’s chat about how I can help you.

Photo: Josh Bellingham Photography

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