Life of a wedding planner: When things don’t go as planned

It’s no surprise to anyone that when things don’t go as I planned my heart races and my stress rises to levels that are probably unbearable for those I live with. I think I hide it pretty well in public (I’m sure my husband and mom will state otherwise). And when it comes to my clients and their weddings, I’m pretty on top of things. However, things do happen and I often have to come up with solutions quickly or on the spot. Those moments I feel like a superhero. The adrenaline and excitement pump through my body and I can literally tackle anything (or so I think).

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Last week was one of those moments. I had clients coming in from another province. We had planned a super cute, intimate Valentine’s Day wedding at the Marriott on the Falls with a stellar line up of vendors. Tuesday morning, I woke up to another snow day. For me, this is like a bonus day, as I’m often working around a very hectic life schedule. I plopped down in my office, hoping to catch up on emails, blogging and social media scheduling and finalizing my emergency kits and documents I need for Thursday’s wedding. Until I got the dreaded email. My bride & groom, along with their guests, were grounded. Flights were cancelled and she needed to know cancellations policies and back up options because at best they could fly out ON THURSDAY!!!

In my office, I panicked. I think I said OMG about 300 times. Then in a flash, I sent emails to the hotel, to my bride (who surprisingly when I called her later was laughing and cool, calm and collected. Not how I would be if I was possibly not getting married as planned). Calls were made and thankfully, completely due to the amazing team working together, we managed to move the wedding back to the upcoming Saturday (2 days later), avoid any extra costs and keep things moving with a happy couple.

Now, this is not how I planned to spend my catch up day. However, I am so thankful that I had the ability to sit, focus and be so grateful for those accommodating to make this couples wedding come together, despite it’s set back.

As you can see, sometimes things are beyond control, but having a professional jump into action is the best way to get things done. My bride knew I was doing everything I could on our end to make things work, and that I suggested amazing vendors that I trust to pull through if something unexpected comes up.

I’m not sharing this to get a pat on the back or for any sort of credit. Rather, to show things happen. Life cannot be planned and run smoothly every time. It speaks to hiring professionals that truly love their craft and want the best for their clients. I seriously can’t thank the team of vendors enough. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. They are the superheros here.

Now if the weather could go ahead and relax. I would like all the rest of my 2019 weddings to go as planned.


Want to have a planner to have your back while planning your wedding? Contact me and let’s talk about how I can be that support for you.

Photo: Love Always Photography

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