Make sure you add these 5 expenses to your wedding budget

When we think of our wedding budget, we think of the big things- venue, dress, caterer, photographer and so on. We often forget the smaller things and let me tell you, those are things that surprise you and add up quick.

Be sure to add these 5 items into your budget so you stay on track and handle your budget like a pro.

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Postage. Surprisingly people are always surprised by how much stamps cost, especially if sending overseas. In Canada a stamp costs $0.85. If you are mailing out 50 invitations you need to tack on $42.50 for stamps to be mailed in Canada. If you have guests that live in the US or overseas, those stamps cost more and your budget will increase.


Undergarments. Depending on your build and comfort level, you may need to buy additional undergarments for your dress. I mean ladies, you don’t want to wear your average Tuesday bra. You will need one that fits the cut of your dress while still supporting you the way you need. Now if you are going for it and not planning on wearing anything, then go for it girl and use this budget for somewhere else.

Cake Cutting Fee. Not all caterers or venues charge this, but it is something you need to clarify upon booking. If they do charge a cake cutting fee, then you will need to add that in to the total cost. If not, then you got a good one and enjoy your cake.

Trials For Hair & Make Up. Most beauty companies will give you an option with our without a trial. This extra cost is charged because they are using their time and products just like they would on the big day. If you trust your stylist, forgo the extra expense of a trial. If you really aren’t sure, then prepare your budget for the trial costs.

Tips. The wedding industry is much like any service industry and it should be treated as such. Some vendors (venues, caterers for example) build their tips into their costs, while the majority of others do not. If you are happy with their quality of work, then by all means show your appreciation. Trust me, each vendor is beyond thankful.


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