How to take the headache out of wedding planning

It’s no surprise to anyone, I love planning weddings. It’s my happy place. I love getting to know my clients and helping them bring their visions to life. But wedding planning is hard work man. It takes anywhere from 250 to 300 hours to plan a wedding. And, besides those of us crazy enough to love that, has that kind of time?!

However, perhaps a full planning wedding coordinator is not in the cards for you due to the dreaded budget restraints, here are a few pro-tips to help take the headache out of wedding planning.

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Use a Timeline. Use one to help keep your planning on track AND make a timeline to keep your day on track. You can easily find so many different options on Pinterest or just Googling it. Sticking to a schedule is so helpful to know what to focus on and when.

Create a Wedding Brand. I just talked about the importance to a wedding brand and I really can’t stress it enough. It helps you pull everything together. The key is to stick to it. Build your theme and vision board and always check back on it to make sure you staying on track. It’s so easy to keep adding pretty things, but it doesn’t mean they all work together.

Focus on 1 Vendor at a Time. While there are times you are going to be working with more than 1 vendor at a time, when you are first selecting, my biggest advice is start big (venue, photographer, caterer) and work your way down through the vendor list. This helps fight the overwhelm and put things into smaller, bite size pieces.

Do your DIY’s early. I can’t stress this one enough. STOP LEAVING THESE THINGS TILL THE END!!!! As much as a DIY MAY save on budget, they are often time consuming. You don’t want to rush through them and not have them turn out the way you want. Start early. Think months before. Then when everything is done, you can relax…for like a second!

Stuck? Ask for help. Most wedding planners and some of the other vendors you might work with also offer consultation options or are happy to make recommendations for other vendors if you are stuck. They are always a great resource of who is great to work with.

Seriously consider a Day Of Wedding Coordinator. You put all this work into planning this and now you need a pro that can make sure it’s executed properly and on time. There are a ton of moving parts and you, your closest friends and family, will all be a bit busy that day. Not to mention, it’s asking a lot of something that does not do this for a living.


Feeling overwhelmed planning your wedding? Let’s chat how I can take the stress away for you.

Photo: Julian & Kelly

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