The importance of an unplugged wedding

Everyone is on their phones these days. We are all so connected. In some aspects it’s so amazing. I now that I can check emails, share exciting or fun events to social media and get in contact with virtually anyone at any time while I’m on the go. We entertain ourselves when we are bored, educated ourselves when we need to know something and work from just about anywhere. It’s really incredible to think that this is the time we live in. However, with that comes some serious side effects. We spend more time on our phones than we do actually enjoying people’s company. We compare our lives to those on social media (as if they are all real). We talk less. We are addicted. We miss out on special moments. We judge the success of our lives based on number of likes and shares. It’s EXHAUSTING!

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Photo by: Lorie Marie Photography

There comes times to unplug. To focus on what’s important and to BE in the moment. To trust your brain to keep amazing memories. A wedding is one of those moments. A moment where you witness love at it’s peak, purest time. That is why it’s sooooo (can I emphasize that more?) important to have an unplugged wedding. It’s a time to be present. To focus on your emotions. To live.

Now I’m not saying your whole wedding needs to be unplugged, because I’m pretty sure people will drop from heart attacks if you ask them to check their phones at the door. But, definitely, consider your ceremony. Much to the surprise of every other generation, Millennials are taking a step away from the devices and going back to the importance of the wedding. They are asking guests to at least put their phones away for the ceremony to enjoy the intimacy of their occasion. Why shouldn’t your guests respect that? It’s a beautiful sentiment.

Lasting Events. Niagara Wedding Planner, Wedding Planner, Niagara Wedding, Niagara Planner
Photo by: Purple Tree Photography

Another great reason to have an unplugged wedding is to (hope) guests don’t share pictures before you see the ones from your photographer. While it’s likely your photographer will share a teaser or two right away, you have paid for those. I would think you want the best photos of your day shared before the not so great selfie with your friends or cousin is.

Note: You won’t get this from everyone- guests are still going to take photos, selfies etc. The best way around that is to set up an area where it’s clear that selfies/photos can be taken (flower wall, etc), but you must avoid this area at all costs if you don’t want photos of you posted before you’re ready.


Want to chat about how to make your wedding ceremony intimate and unplugged? Contact me!

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