How to create your wedding brand and where to use it

Wedding design, themes and vibes have been taking over the conversations as of lately. Everyone is striving for the perfect Pinterest-worthy wedding. They want to incorporate every detail to make their wedding stand out, and I fully support this. The small details really do stand out to guests. They are wowed and that is part of what makes the day so special (besides witnessing the beautiful love and commitment of two people they love).

With that being said, it’s easy to go in too many directions. It’s really important to keep things cohesive so that it all makes sense. You want all the details to work together and not compete with each other. Wedding branding is on the rise for this exact reason.

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Just like regular branding, people often confuse wedding branding with a customized monogram or logo. It’s so much more than that. It’s what ensure the wedding designs and detail elements work together and tell the same message and story. Here are 3 ways to create your wedding brand to ensure your wedding is sure to impress the pants off your guests.

  1. Create vision board for your theme and colour palette.
    Creating a vision board will help you focus your thoughts, theme and design. Pull together photos that inspire you, play to your colour palette and elements that you want to create or use for your wedding. This is the vision you will continue to look back on to keep you on track and keep your design consistent.
  2. Work with a graphic designer from the very beginning.
    Save the dates are the first element guests see. Work to create stationary suite that reflects vision board and wedding brand. This is the jumping off point. From there, everything else should work together. The colours used in the stationary should be the same as the flowers, decor, cake, etc. Font should work with the vibe you are going for (Boho, rustic, traditional, modern). Every aspect should reflect your vision board and each element after should reflect your STD or stationary suite.
  3. Continue to refer to your vision board with all vendors and details.
    As you continue to book vendors and design the details of your wedding, bring in elements that reflect that brand (colour, texture, flowers, linens, etc) keep referring back to vision board. Share your board with each vendor so that they see your vision and can help you design your day. They can then help refer products, flowers, etc that will compliment your theme.

Every aspect of your wedding, from the venue to your dress, to the decor to the flowers and stationery should all work together and fall within the parameters of your wedding theme. Sticking to one theme is the best way to do that.


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