What’s in for 2019- The wedding trends you’ll see this year

Every year there are new trends in the wedding world and this year is no exception. Years past has brought us the rise (and fall) of burlap and blush pink everything. Now don’t get me wrong, weddings that have used previous trends are beautiful, however, it’s the over use of these trends that kill it for a wedding planner, or any wedding vendor. I love clients that think outside the box and use their personal style in their design, rather than what’s “pretty” or “trendy”.

Not all brides (or grooms) know their design and to gather ideas and inspiration, it’s always great to start with what will be trending. So here are a few of what will be coming for 2019.

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  1. Boho Wedding Themes- Bringing the Outside In
    Brides are starting to turn away from the rustic themes that have taken over the wedding scene the past few years and are pulling from more Boho inspiration, transforming indoor space to outdoorsy havens. Think trees and greenery everywhere, wood elements and arches and grasses. Mix in brighter flowers (which we will talk about later) and geometric shapes, hoops and relaxed setting.
  2. Royal Inspiration
    With the royal wedding this year, Meghan Markle sparkled in her classic dress and tiara. Be sure that you will be seeing a lot of toned downed dresses and a LOT tiara’s this year. Just like how Duchess Kate had everyone in lacey, long sleeves (and who could blame them?), Duchess Meghan will be inspiring bridal trends all year-long.
  3. Grooms Style Game
    We should start to see grooms setting up the their style game this year. Look for custom three-piece suits, mix and match with the groomsmen.
  4. Food Stations
    Casual eating is also taking front stage this year. Obviously, seating meals will always be popular, but with the relaxed vibes a Boho wedding comes with, couples will starting to opt for themed or DIY food stations that encourage more mingling, and smaller plates than the formal dinner. Rather than the same old chicken and beef, couples can now be more creative with food stations (build your own tacos, charcuteries, chicken and waffles or whatever is the couple’s fav).
  5. Deeper & Brighter Colours
    While I love a classic, neutral palette, this trend has me all sorts of excited. The return of colour, especially deep or bright colours. With Pantone announcing “Living Coral” as the colour of 2019, we should be seeing a lot of corals. In addition to that, we should also be seeing jewel tones of greens, purples, turquoise to name a few. Mix these with the natural wood and green elements from nature and boy there should be some stunning weddings this year.
  6. Personalized Branding
    Couples are beginning to focus on their branding, ensuring every element falls under their custom brand. So what does that look like? The use of custom monograms, personalized watercolours, fonts and
  7. Dahlias
    These big beautiful flowers will be found in full swing in 2019 and boy oh boy are they breath-taking. With the option of a wide variety of colours that can pull the deep and bright additions we will be seeing this year, the shape and size of a dahlia fits the Boho themes perfectly.
  8. Unplugged Ceremonies & Weddings
    This is my favourite on this list. While not a new trend, unplugged ceremonies will continue to grow in 2019. Couples want to see their guests faces not their phones and with the addition of very personalized decor, branding and ceremonies, it’s a given that couples want their guests to be present and in the moment.
  9. Drones
    No wedding video is really complete unless a drone can capture the venue, dance floor or day from way overhead. Again, this trend is not new, but we will be seeing so much more of it in 2019.
  10. Silver & Chrome
    Finally, put aside the gold, rose gold and copper, silver and chrome will be taking over the wedding world. I love a metallic and a switch from all the gold and copper is always refreshing.
Photo: Julian & Kelly

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