Vendor Love: Love Always Photography

When I think about photographers a few jump front of mind right away. Love Always Photography is always a part of that list for me. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a photographer to beautifully capture their wedding day, or any other important memory in their life.

Not only are Sarah & Justin amazingly accomplished photographers with the ability to capture photos in such a wonderful way, they are literally the sweetest people I have ever met.I also got the pleasure to sit down with them and ask them a few questions about their business, wedding photography and more.

Lasting Events; Niagara Wedding Planner; Niagara Weddings; Wedding planner; Love Always Photography

1. Tell us about Love Always Photography.

We met in the Niagara College Digital Photography program and started dating in first year. After graduation things were still going strong and in late 2014 we decided to start Love Always Photography together. We shared alot of the same goals and vision for the company which really made the decision to work together even easier. We are now happily married and love working as a husband and wife team.

2. How far in advance should a couple book you?

The most important thing to book is your wedding venue which sets your wedding date! Photography should be booked next! A lot of couples book with us after securing their wedding date and venue, which really works as alot of the time photographers are booking into the next season, similar to the venues. It also allows a lot of time for scheduling engagement photos and working together leading up to the day.

3. When should they plan their engagement photos?

When it comes to engagement photos we start to email our couples early in the season, usually April, to start setting dates. It’s important even if they are looking for photos to be done in the summer or fall months to have that date set so we all can plan and be available. A few things couples should consider is whether they would like their engagement photos done in a different season than their wedding, for variety. Or if they require the images earlier in their planning for use on stationary and save the dates.

Lasting Events; Niagara Wedding Planner; Niagara Weddings; Wedding planner; Love Always Photography

4. What’s your favourite season to shoot in?

There’s something beautiful about every season, but we love photographing in Spring and Fall! In the spring we are always after the cherry blossoms and fresh spring pastel colours and after a summer of weddings, we find the fall so refreshing! The colours are beautiful and really add to the images and generally the weather is great! Not too cold, but not sweltering hot.

5. What can a couple do if they are nervous or feel uncomfortable in front of the camera?

We have always received good feedback from our couples who felt nervous or camera shy, they find that after a few photos taken, they loosen up and realize we are laid back and there to make this a fun time. We want the engagement session and wedding photos to be a happy memory and to add to the day! Justin tends to be a little goofy at sessions to lighten up the mood and our main goal is always to create an atmosphere everyone can be comfortable in and just be themselves.

Sarah and Justin Headshot-002

6.What makes for a great shoot?

There are a lot of things that can make a shoot great. Location can have a big impact on how a session looks and feels and we always encourage our couples to pick a location meaningful to them. Time of day is probably one of the most important, depending on the mood the couple wants in their imagery this can really have an effect. We usually suggest sunrise and sunset to avoid really bright and shadowy imagery. The soft glow at sunrise and sunset and golden light is what we like to take advantage of to provide our couples with romantic imagery. Wardrobe can also help, and we offer advise and tips on this leading up to the shoot date.

7. Why did you get into wedding photography?

Sarah: I have always loved weddings and the fashion industry. From a young age I would make sketches of bridal gowns and purchase all the bridal magazines for inspiration. Photographing weddings was a way for me to marry my interest in fashion with photography and it has continued to evolve.

Justin: I love reactions, moments, and capturing the candid moments that unfold naturally. It’s fun for me to be around other couples and to make them feel at ease and to see them enjoy having their photo taken. I also really like working with light, and finding different ways to use it in our photos, along with weddings I have a real passion for portrait work. On a wedding day being able to capture great portraits of the bride, groom and their family is very fulfilling.

Lasting Events; Niagara Wedding Planner; Niagara Weddings; Wedding planner; Love Always Photography

8. Any advice for couples planning their weddings?

If you cannot hire a wedding planner, talk to your vendors! It helps to talk to people that have insight into the wedding industry, they can help point you in the right direction and connect you with other industry vendors they know and enjoy working with. Never be afraid of being too candid or straight forward. This is a big day and it should be everything you envision, communicating your exact wants and needs for the day is ok.

9. What can a couple do to make things easier for you and them?

There are a lot of things we like to do to help make sure our couples are ready for their wedding day photos. We have questionnaires we send out to collect all of the important information and contact details. We provide emails with tips and suggestions, and work closely with our couples to ensure they have a great timeline and photo shot list. We schedule a phone consult right before the day to go over any last minute details and confirm everything we have worked on together. With all of the other planning going on we know it can sometimes be difficult to get all of this information to us but it really makes everything flow better on the day and keeps your photos stress free.

10. What is your favourite part of a wedding to shoot?

We think there’s honestly something special about each part of the day, the raw emotions of the morning, the reactions of your guests and family but I think the most fun part are the bridal party and bride/groom portraits right after the ceremony. Your newly Mr and Mrs and everyone is so excited! There’s a lot of energy and excitement and that’s so fun to be apart of and to capture.

I really can’t say enough about these two. You can find out more about them, their photography and availability on their website at

All photos provided by Love Always Photography.


Need more recommendations for vendors for your wedding? Let’s chat about how I can help set you up with the perfect team for you.

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