Why Your Wedding Needs a Wedding Planner

Every time this year I write a blog post either outlining the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator or the benefits of having a planner. This year is no different. Clients and couples struggle with the thought of a planner and I get it. It’s an additional cost that you think you don’t need because, “honestly how hard can it be” to plan your wedding. Well I’m not going to encourage you to hire a wedding planner flat out. You may not have the budget for that. But you should at least consider a planner for wedding day management.

Regardless if you are thinking you  need help or not, at what point in the planning process you might be in, I’m here to tell you why your wedding does in fact need a planner.

First, wedding planners have done hours of research for past clients, have built relationships in the industry and can use that research and those connections to help you source vendors that fit your style and budget. They don’t have to spend countless hours reading reviews to know a good vendor in any category.

Next, they make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. There are countless details that go into a wedding. Add on traditions to consider including and actual design and the list can seem overwhelming. A wedding planner will provide you a checklist or to do list that will make sure you stay on track and don’t forget any important details (like applying for your marriage license).

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Photo by Stephen King Photography

All this talk about what needs to get done evidently brings us to budget. A wedding planner will help you stay on budget. Not only by recommending vendors that stay within your limits, but also making suggestions on where to cut back or when to DIY.

Pinterest is an amazing tool to help create a wedding theme or design, but ensuring all your elements stay cohesive is another role a wedding planner helps with. Your two favourite colours might be colours that just don’t mix well on the grand scale, but a planner will help guide you in a way that will include your colours but not overwhelm the wedding itself. Bringing in pops here and there can go a long way if done appropriately.

Finally, I come back to wedding day management. There is so much that goes on during the day of a wedding. Brides and grooms each are getting ready, which takes up almost all the time before the ceremony starts. There are a multitude of moving pieces, from drop offs, set up of ceremony and reception and working with vendors and bridal party to keep everyone on time. It is hard to get it all done if you don’t have someone on site to handle all those details. A wedding planner will be there from the beginning to the end to make sure vendors are set up, details are in place and everyone is on time.

Lasting Events, Niagara Wedding Planner, Niagara Wedding, Niagara Planner, Wedding Planner
Photo by Josh Bellingham Photography

I hope this helps you to consider hiring a planner for your wedding, especially if you have been considering it.


If you do need a wedding planner for your wedding, let’s chat. I can’t wait to hear about your wedding and how I can help.

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