4 Risks for Not Tracking Your Budget

Budget. A big scary word that everyone throws around. Everyone wants to know what your wedding budget is. Close friends and family want to know if you are going over your budget. It leads to awkward conversations with just about everyone. Blah.

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But there are big risks to you and your wedding if you don’t start with a budget. There are bigger risks if you don’t track your budget. As a planner, my goal is to keep you on budget so I definitely want you to be aware how important tracking your budget is.

  1. You will pick vendors that might not be right for you. Vendors don’t care if you over spent on your budget. They care if you can pay their quote. But going in blind is a big no no. You may agree to more than you need. You may not keep a cohesive style. You may not realize that there are better suited vendors that will help you on the budget front and produce the same quality products.
  2. Small details add up quickly. You want that cool backdrop you saw on Pinterest and those super special menu cards you saw on Instagram? Add personalized favours and super trendy place cards. DIY your centerpieces and all of a sudden these little things that you thought were saving you money are really blowing the bank. Yes, DIY items can be a great way to save on your budget, but you also need to realize that supplies and time can add up faster than you think. Staying on top of your budget and your spending will let you know if you are getting out of control.
  3. You are going to run out of money eventually. Or worst you’ll go into debt over your wedding. Trust me there are bigger things that you want to go into debt over (a new house for example). Your wedding is NOT something you go into debt for. If you can’t afford the style you want, either cut your numbers so you can, or WAIT until you can afford it.
  4. You will increase tension and stress. There are already so many emotions that happen during the planning process of a wedding, don’t add to that by stressing out over money. If every conversation with your fiance leads to a fight because one of you is overspending or worst doesn’t have a clue how much you are spending, you will ultimately ruin the excitement of the actual day. Resentment, irritation and anger will build and what fun is that?

So all in all, track your budget or hire a wedding planner to help you. I know a pretty good one you could turn to (*wink).


Let’s chat about how I can help you plan your wedding.

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