Client Love: Rebecca & Adam

There are some clients, the second I meet them I know I love them. I know when the wedding is over, I will miss them. Then there are some, that I secretly hope we will stay friends because I just enjoy them. Rebecca and Adam are those clients. Our initial meeting lasted hours. Actually, every meeting lasts hours. Not because we are nailing down every detail of their wedding (Rebecca is insanely on top of it) but rather we just talk about life.

I asked them to share some information about themselves, of their wedding planning experience and tips they have for future couples. Naturally, I love their responses.

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  1. Share your story with me (how did you meet, get engaged, etc).

R- We met at Brock University, when I was a student and Adam was working security… don’t worry I was never in trouble, our jobs overlapped and as we started to talk more I realized just how different (in a good way) Adam was!  Our engagement story is a long one so to keep it short he proposed on a hike, on the snowiest day in 2016.

  1. Describe your partner in 3 words.

R- Strong, caring, compassionate

A- Ambitious, considerate, romantic

  1. What makes you smile everyday about partner?

R- Adam is constantly surprising me. It could be something as small as waking up early to make me a coffee before I leave for work or trying a new recipe for dinner (that may or may not work), but every surprise just makes me realize how lucky I am.

A- Her enthusiasm in the early morning for the day is contagious, even though I am not a morning personIMG_2766.jpeg

  1. Describe your wedding theme/design.

R- Simple and elegant. I’ve always wanted a wedding that reflects us, not the latest Pinterest trend or wedding fads but truly reflects us and our personalities. Although it can be hard not to get lost in the Pinterest wedding world, or be influenced by what our family/friends say is best I think we have done a good job (so far) keeping our vision on coarse!

  1. Where do you get your wedding inspiration from (blogs, magazines, etc)?

R- I try to get inspiration from our life, and our individual styles. We definitely learned a lot from each wedding we attended after we got engaged! If I need help I have used some decorating sites or wedding blogs but I have always made sure to make it my own!

  1. What has you the most excited about getting married?

R- I am most exited about finally being married to my best friend.

A- I’m just excited to be married to Rebecca; it has been long enough!

  1. What has you the most excited for on your wedding day?
R- I am most excited about celebrating with our families and finally getting to wear my wedding dress!
A- Marrying my best friend and having our closest friends and family there to celebrate with us.  It’s a great excuse for a party!
  1. What has been the biggest planning challenge to date?

R- My biggest challenge so far had been making the small decisions. Luckily, Adam is great at pulling the trigger so I defer to him to make a lot of the final decisions! Plus having a planner (Mallory of course!) who actually knows what she’s doing and knows how to keep me on track is a huge bonus.

  1. What does the future hold after the wedding?

R- Hopefully the future holds travel and adventure but most of all happiness.

A- We’re already pretty settled, so traveling (Europe), eventually a family, maybe a bigger house.  

  1. Do you have any advice for those just starting their wedding planning?

R- If you’re just starting out on the planning process this first thing I would suggest doing is discussing budget. Although it is one of the hardest conversations to have and probably one of the most awkward, it is so important to figure out what you’re both comfortable spending  then the rest is the fun part no matter what you’re spending! Also – unless you’re a wedding planner, make sure you hire someone to help you!

A- I think ours has gone pretty smoothly for the most part, no matter how you look at it, the process can be daunting.  Rebecca did a lot of the planning and exploring options, and I would give my thoughts on our options.  Thankfully we have similar tastes in themes and styles.


All photos by: Jacqueline Cressy.


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