Q & A with a Vendor: DJ Shane- Sound of Harmony

Last week I got to spend some time with frendor (vendor turned friend) Shane from Sound of Harmony. I asked him to shed some light on wedding DJ’s and share some personal tips and thoughts for all brides and grooms still trying to work out the entertainment portion of the night. Boy did we have a good time. Nothing feels better than sharing stories, laughs and experiences with other vendors that get it.

Not only is Shane super fun to chat with, as a DJ, he loves to get the party started andkeep it going all night. The times I get to work with him, he is more than accommodating for the couples and tries his very best to make their wedding special- a trait I value in any vendor.

I asked him a series of questions (in a very uncomfortable interview because it felt way too formal for our general conversations) that covered topics about trends, his opinions, to tips for couples just starting their research. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

How long have you been in business? How big is your team?

I start The Sound of Harmony 6 years ago. Today the team consists of 5 members. We can cover DJ and Master of Ceremony duties. Whatever the clients need really.

What’s the worst thing that has happened to you at a wedding? What did you do?

I once had a wedding (that we actually worked together on) where a staff member of the venue complained the bass was too high and knocking things off a shelf. I obviously turned it down but it was a strange complaint I felt. I have also had the power go out before, but I come with battery back up to everything, so it doesn’t really phase me.

What songs are you tired of or are overdone?

Oh man… Stop with Ed Sheeran for first dances. Relax, it’s been done. There are some really great songs for a first dance that aren’t overused. Get creative.

How do you hand when guests request songs on the “do not play” list? What are the top songs on the list?

I politely tell the guest that the bride and groom have requested not to play that song and ask if they would like something else. Chicken dance, YMCA and Cha Cha Slide are the top on the list hands down.

What can a bride & groom do to make your day easier?

Let me eat. HAHA But seriously factor time for me to eat as well. I can’t eat, introduce a speech, play music all at the same time and often my dinner is gone before I start. While I know this is why you have hired me and I have no problem getting up multiple times during the meal, I do like to try and get a few bites in before we get into the party.

Also, have any and all important songs to me at least a month before, especially if they aren’t common. I need time to download them and check with you that it’s the right version. .

Do you recommend songs for ceremony, first dance, etc?

I often recommend songs for ceremony (if you are stuck, check out his blog post of the top 10 songs for ceremony). First dance songs are so personal, that I usually leave that alone. I also suggest for parent dances. A lot of couples get stuck there.

Why is investing in a quality DJ important?

There are a few reasons to hire a quality DJ.

  1. Dependability
  2. Professionalism- We dress and interact with guest in an appropriate manner.
  3. Those of us that do it full, give it our all. It’s our job, not our hobby and you get our full effort.
  4. We have insurance.
  5. We have an up-to-date database that is always growing.

What trends are you seeing for 2018?

More professional MC’s and the request for them is growing every year. Brides and grooms are stirring away from friends and family members being their MC’s for the night and asking me and my team to take that role. It gives a more professional feel, we aren’t nervous talking in front of a group and we can read the crowd.

What should a bride & groom look for when researching a DJ?

Really know what you want. Do you want an MC? Make that clear when talking to your DJ. Not all DJ’s are MC’s and vice versa. Do you want games? Do you need lighting for your reception area? Think about these and talk it over.

Read reviews and testimonials. They will help narrow down choices based on others experiences.

Any tips for brides & grooms?

Brides, don’t worry when you are getting ready. Set up will be fine (especially if you have a wedding planner).

Grooms, don’t stress about timing. Everything is under control.

I hope this helps answer any questions for those of you still looking for a DJ.


Let’s chat about how I can help you plan the perfect wedding with the perfect DJ!

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