Proposal Planning: Things to help plan the perfect proposal

I was at a networking event earlier this week and I had the pleasure of an amazing conversation with a well known photographer (that my own self doubt made me think they would never give me the time of day because they are soooo successful and I’m just a newbie, working to get myself out there) and they asked me if I do proposal planning because he has had the pleasure of shooting some and that it really might be a market I should consider looking into further. Immediately I was excited. WHY HADN’T I THOUGHT OF THAT? Of course I say on my site that I plan other parties and wedding related events, but I have never talked about proposal planning. DUH!

Proposals are special. Everyone wants to hear about it- how romantic it was, where it was, was it over the top or intimate, who cried- every last detail. Over and over and over again.

There is a lot of pressures on guys (and gals) who are getting ready to pop the question. Social media has shared these over the top videos of people spending a whole year (like this video of this guy flying all over the US to ask people for permission) which now makes every person getting nervous thinking about asking someone to spend the rest of their lives together, think they NEED to impress them to get a yes (I would also like to ask: if they are not impressed and emotional when being asked sitting on the couch in your pjs, then WHY would you want to spend your life having to impress them forever?) I don’t even need to share my not so romantic-despite attempts- engagement story. It’s sad when you compare it to the overly romantic, but at the end of the day it was us in a nutshell. Still us. Still filled with love. Still said yes (never crossed my mind to say no). Any amount of romance wouldn’t have made that feeling any more or less true.

With all that being said, maybe you want to make it something special and just don’t know where to start. Here are a few helpful tips to help you get moving in the right direction. If planning is really not your thing (don’t panic, for like 95% of people it’s not), let’s chat on how I can help you create the perfect proposal.

  1. Pick a location that MEANS something to the two of you. Maybe it’s your favourite restaurant? First place you said “I love you”. First date. Your backyard. On the big screen of a sports arena. Where ever you want that is personal to you two.
  2. Think about some logistics. If you want to involve food, make sure they can’t eat the ring. If you involve a pet, make sure it’s easy to handle. If you want family and friends to be there, you will need to work out those details.
  3. Practice what you are going to say. Don’t wing it. It rarely works out well. You are nervous, filled with a LOT of emotions. You might forget what you want to say or ramble too long. Write it out. Practice it.
  4. Be prepared for somethings to not go as planned. Your partner might have had a really stressful day and is not feeling like putting on fancy clothes. They may be “hangry” and don’t care where you are going, they just want to eat. Whatever, they may protest to your plan and you will  need to roll with it and STAY CALM.
  5. Bring Kleenex. Maybe they are the crying type. Maybe you are. Either way, it’s better to be prepared.

Like I said, these are only a few things to consider. If you want help to plan your perfect proposal, I would love to help you with such a special moment.


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