The Benefits of an Opposite Sex Bridal Party Member

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Your wedding party should be filled with people you love and who support you. You should never include someone just because you think you have to (future in-law, family member, oldest friend, the list goes on). But when you start to narrow down who you want to include, some of your choices may be of the opposite sex. Many of us have friends of the opposite sex, and that does mean they need to stand on the side of your significant other. Guys can stand on the brides side and girls can stand on the grooms side. (Hello Carrie was the best man for Standford- Thanks Sex and the City for helping break the mold.)

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While I find this tradition already rapidly changing, I’m here to tell you it’s OK to do it and it has some pretty amazing benefits. For one, I’m all about breaking traditions and creating a wedding that reflects you. You do you girl (or guy)! It’s your day and your rules.

Here are some of the great benefits I was talking about when your wedding party has an opposite sex member:

A different perspective. Sometimes we ladies can freak out over little things when we are planning our weddings. Sometimes it takes a guy’s perspective (and not your future husbands) to settle you down. This goes the same for the groom. They can sometimes overlook or push off things that need to be dealt with and a ladies voice can help them get the things done they need to do for their big day.

A twist on traditional. I said before this is your day with your rules, so don’t dwell on the tradition that girls stand by the bride and guys by the groom. These party members also get to experience a wedding party differently. How many people can go to both bachelor and bachelorette parties?

Actually people that are most important to you supporting you. You will feel more comfortable with your closest people by your side and won’t look back with regrets. Your wedding party is there to help you plan your wedding and support you any way you need, whether you need to talk out an issue with decor, help stamp invites or just be there. Why wouldn’t you include those you love the most.


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