How to Deal with Disagreements With Your Partner While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is stressful and a lot of work (the average wedding takes 250 hours to plan). As a bride maybe you have spent your entire life to this point day dreaming of your wedding, maybe you haven’t. In those daydreams did you factor in budget, your fiance’s ideas or even your mothers? My guess is probably not.

These factors can often lead to some minor and major disagreements when planning your wedding. Here are a few tips to help you work through them without letting them consume you and ruin your experience.

  1. Talk it Out– But most importantly don’t forget to LISTEN too! No one likes to be talked at and feel like they don’t have the ability to share their side of the story. Be considerate of each other.
  2. Pay Attention– Put away your phone, turn off the TV and pay attention to each other. No distractions. They only make the fight escalate and it’s not worth it.
  3. Compromise- This day is about the TWO of you and it should reflect that. I don’t believe in the mentality of “It’s all about the Bride”. The two of you have committed to spending your lives together and your wedding should show that. Keep that in mind if your partner is fighting for something that is important to them.
  4. Take a Breather- If you feel things are getting to heated or the conversation is going in circles, take a break, go for a walk and try again when you are both calmer and had a bit of time to think it through.
  5. Focus on the Important Thing- You are getting married because you love each other and want to spend your lives together. Everything else come second.

I spend some of my time helping clients reach compromises that keep both partners happy and everything running smoothly. These are a few steps you can take before things get out of control!


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