10 Things to Remember When You’re the Groom

There is a LOT of talk about a wedding being the “brides day” but let’s stop the rumour now. (It’s seriously one of my biggest pet-peeves). There is just as much stress, pressure and nerves that are on the groom as there is on the bride. Despite the fact that you may let the planning roll off your back and pretend you are ok with just showing up (and maybe you are guys, but not all of you like the surprise.) It’s your day too and you have ideas, thoughts and wants for the biggest day of your life too.

As such, there are a few things that every groom tends to forget.

  1. Open Bar- etiquette says NO cash bar, despite seemingly budget friendly. BUT don’t go off the deep end and get wasted- not a good look
  2. Groomsmen- no one wants to rank their friends- but don’t feel obligated. Add who important to you and if there are a few others that don’t quite make the cut include them in other areas such as ushers, readings, etc.
  3. Empty your pockets- nothing is worse than looking at wedding photos and the grooms pockets are lumpy and full of stuff (phones, sunglasses, who knows what else). This also means, don’t keep your hands in your pockets at all times- ESPECIALLY during the ceremony. (That goes for the groomsmen too.)
  4. No gum- I know it’s important to have great smelling breath for your first kiss- but chomping on gum during the ceremony is not a good look. Pop a mint before the ceremony gets started and again if you need one after.
  5. Enjoy your day- say no to endless selfies (this goes for your too brides). Be present. It’ your day, and trust me, it goes by so fast. Relish in the day.
  6. Be original- Your wedding should reflect who you and your bride are as people and as a couple. Choose to include yourself in your style, whether you pick a specific colour or tux or suit, special cuff links or sneakers. Try to be original because, let’s face it, your guests have seen almost everything at a wedding. Stand out by being you.
  7. Rehearsal- don’t waste this time. I know it can seem like one more thing to get done before the big day, but your wedding day flies by so quickly, you may regret not chatting more with your closest friends and family more. Give out wedding party and parent gifts and take the time to say thank you.
  8. Rent 2 shirts- THIS IS MY FAVOURITE TIP FOR GUYS. Most of your weddings are in the summer, during the hottest months of the year, at some point you will be outside, you will be nervous standing in the front of the room waiting for your bride with all eyes on you. YOU SWEAT. A second shirt allows you to change after pictures and before reception starts to freshen up.
  9. Get a back up boutonniere- You can put your coat on and off all day. People are hugging you and you are moving around. It can wilt and fall apart. A back up can make sure you stay your best all day.
  10. Share your opinion and input- You are a pair and both partners ideas should be considered and included as much as possible. Stay open minded and provide helpful feedback.

Grooms, I hope this helps you for your wedding day.


Need more helpful tips and advice? Let’s chat.

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