The Low Down on Rehearsal Dinners

When you are planning your wedding, everyone mentions the rehearsal. I mean who wouldn’t want to do a walk through of what is basically one of the biggest days of your life? There’s comfort in knowing what is going to take place and when it will happen and where people will be standing. I mean depending on your religion, there is a lot of standing, sitting, repeating, moving involved in a ceremony. So to be prepared for what’s coming up is important.

However, how many of you have thought about what takes place after your rehearsal? Are you prepared for the dinner and party part? Do you know who to invite or what is really involved? In my opinion, the rehearsal dinner is really a big part of the planning. It celebrates that the wedding planning is over with all the people that were part of the process. It kicks off the wedding!

If you just aren’t sure of the details, here’s some of the low down help you organize your rehearsal dinner.

  1. Who Hosts: Traditionally, the Groom’s parents hosted the rehearsal dinner. In modern days, if parents are sharing the costs of the wedding, they can share the costs of the rehearsal. If you are paying for your wedding with no help from your parents, then it would fall on you as well.
  2. Who To Invite: While it’s nice to invite all out of town guests (and you can if you want) but rehearsal should be kept small and include your wedding party and their significant others, your parents and grandparents, anyone involved in the wedding that’s not in the wedding party (giving readings, singing, another special role).
  3. Location: This is up to you. You can have a backyard BBQ or you can go to a restaurant. It’s all about how formal you want it, what your budget is for it and how much you want to do.
  4. Purpose: This is your opportunity not only to thank your family and wedding party for all their help, support and time during your planning (and in life in general) but to share any and all details for the wedding day. Give out personalized timelines (girls for hair and make up/photos/speeches for example). This is also your time to give out any gifts you have bought for them.
  5. Use this time to interact with the closest people in your life. Your wedding day is busy and you are pulled in every direction all day and night. You won’t feel guilty if you spend more time with other guests if you have already used your rehearsal dinner time to spend with your family. Now that doesn’t give you rights to ignore them completely, but you know what I mean.

Hope this helps clear up some of the details of a rehearsal dinner.


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