Pinterest has Spoken- Here are the 2017 Trends

I haven’t met a bride yet that hasn’t spent countless hours scouring through Pinterest looking for wedding inspiration, ideas, items to duplicate exactly and ways to surprise their guests with details (I have met one that expressed very clearly that she did not want a “Pinterest Wedding” and I feel in love!).

Naturally, Pinterest has realized their impact on the wedding world and recently released the 2017 Wedding Report. Here is their description when you head to the board:

The new direction of nuptials in 2017 is all about personalization and having fun, from printed bridesmaid dresses in lieu of mismatched solids, to the taco bar riff on family-style buffets.

I think this does reflect what we should start to see in 2017. Prints are big everything from home decor to fashion, so it’s no surprise bridesmaids dresses should be the same. I have always preached about personalizing a wedding. It’s your wedding- it should reflect the two of you- your likes, your story, your love. Craft beers are HUGE (I can’t say I am on board but I get it), so for craft beers to show up a wedding, instead of signature drinks, there’s no shock there.

Weddings are about fun, love and happiness. At the end of the day, create your day to be what makes you happy. Whether that’s sticking to traditions or thinking completely outside the box, go for it but just make it you!

What was the biggest shock on the report to you?


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